Easy Beebeecraft Idea on Homemade Red Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament

Summary: This Beebeecraft project is going to display an easy way about making an adorable Christmas stocking ornament with multi-colored felts and multi-sized beads.


Whether you are a fanatic jewelry maker, or merely someone who enjoys watching different styles of jewelry shows, this felt Christmas stocking project is just suitable for you. For master crafters, this homemade felt Christmas ornament is a piece of cake; meanwhile for watchers, it owns a lovely pattern which is quite attractive.

The necessities for red felt Christmas stocking ornament:

Red felt
Cyan felt
Khaki felt
1mm string materials red nylon thread
Heart shape acrylic beads
4mm black seed beads
Red sewing thread
White sewing thread
Glue gun

Details about how to make felt Christmas stocking ornament:

Step 1: Make Christmas stocking pattern

1st, draw stocking on red felt and lace on khaki felt;
2nd, cut out double red stocking patterns and double khaki lace patterns;
3rd, use whip stitches to sew up the lace patterns together;
4th, the lace loop is done and turn it inside out;
5th, draw two patches on khaki felt;
6th, cut them out and glue them onto one stocking pattern.


Step 2: Sew “fall-in-love” cat onto stocking

1st, use red sewing thread, and sew heart shape beads onto stocking, so the cat’s eyes are done;
2nd, outline the cat’s mouth onto stocking;
3rd, according to drawing, sew black seed beads on;
4th, cut two small circles out of cyan felt;
5th, pull them into fluffy pattern;
6th, glue them onto stocking patches;
7th, combine two stocking patterns together by gluing the edges.


Step 3: Finish the stocking ornament

1st, cut a 12cm length of red nylon thread and knot it into a loop;
2nd, insert it between lace and stocking pattern and glue the three together.

The final Christmas stocking ornament is like this:

Great! The red felt Christmas stocking ornament is done. Don’t threw away the felt scarps and beads, because the leftover felt and beads can still function once you get an interesting idea. For example, you can utilize them to make some dainty star, ball and other Christmas ornaments.

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