Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make a Christmas Tree Hair Clip with Beads and Ribbon

Summary: This time the Beebeecraft Christmas tree hair clip with beads. Anyone who wants to learn how to make a hair clip for Christmas can look here!


Christmas tree is one of the most necessary decorations on Christmas. Besides placing a beautiful Christmas tree in your house, is there any else way to celebrate the festival with Christmas trees? Yes! Here is a Christmas tree hair clip made of beads, ribbon and felt. You can wear this hair clip on Christmas all day long to show how special you are!

Jewelry craft supplies need for making a Christmas tree hair clip?

Felt, Green
8mm glass Pearl beads, Round (Dark Red & Green)
10mm Satin Ribbon, Red
Alligator Hair Clip, Black
Hot Glue Gun

How to make a Christmas tree hair clip with beads and ribbon?

Step 1: glue beads on felt

1st, cut out an equilateral triangle from green felt measuring 4cm;
2nd, glue 15 green beads on the felt next to each other;
3rd, this is the effect of backside.

Step 2: add embellishments and hair clip

1st, glue the felt on the hair clip leaving a space at the top;
2nd, fold a bowknot with red ribbon and glue it at the top of the hair clip;
3rd, glue three red beads in the center of the bowknot.


If you are a person who loves sharing, why not make this Christmas tree hair clip for your families and friends to enjoy Christmas together?


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