Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Felt Christmas Tree Hanging Decorations with Beads

Summary: Don’t know how to make Christmas tree hanging decorations? Follow Beebeecraft to learn to make a felt tree shape decoration with beads today!


There are so many decorations can be hung on Christmas trees, such as gift boxes, stars, jingle bells and so on. How do you think of hanging small tree decorations on your Christmas tree? With this small Christmas tree, your big Christmas tree will be more interesting! This hanging felt Christmas tree is very simple to make. Don’t hesitate to make felt Christmas tree hanging decorations with beads for your own and friends!

What do you need for making Christmas tree hanging decorations?

Felt (Green & Red & Brown)
8mm Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons, Half Round, Green Yellow
13mm Brass Heart Pendants & Charms
String materials Sewing Thread, White
Hemp Rope
Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

How to make felt Christmas tree hanging decorations?

Step 1: cut and sew felt

1st, cut out two tree shapes from green felt, three small round pieces from red felt and two strips from brown felt;
2nd, overlap two tree shapes with two brown strips between them at the bottom;
3rd, zigzag stitch along the middle line of the tree shapes and running stitch the brown strips to sew them together.

Step 2: add embellishments

1st, glue the two tree shapes for securing. Glue a rhinestone bead on each red round felt and glue the felts on one side of the tree shapes dispersedly;
2nd, fold a string of hemp rope in half and sew it at the top of the tree with a heart pendant at each side.

Here is the finished Christmas tree hanging decoration:

On Christmas, such an important festival, these Christmas tree hanging decorations must make your home more festive!


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