Beebeecraft DIY charm bracelet related to joyful Christmas

Summary: An easy example show you how the project make your own charm bracelet is done! And for the forthcoming Christmas, with this delectable Christmas charm bracelet, you can steal all the spotlights and gather other’s envious eyesight with you!


Create some entirely personalized jewelry ornaments are the pursuit of all jewelry making fashion girls. And being living in information age, the online websites and magazines have provided so much convenient to our creative work. This guide will show you how you can make your own charm bracelet within the stylish Tibetan Style Jewelry, which can also help adorn your Christmas.

Jewelry craft Supplies need in Christmas bracelet:

Tibetan Style Beads (Bead, Hanger, Toggle & TBar, Bead spacers, Pendants)

10mm Glass Pearl Beads Strand



Tiger tail wire

Side cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round nose Plier

Instructions for making your own charm bracelet:

Step1: arrange the Tibetan Style beads

In the whole Christmas Bracelet, I choose two main flat Tibetan style beads: one with rhombic shape and another little round. As the picture shows, after attach on the toggle portion, you can begin to add on the beads in the rule that each main bead assemble with two spacer bead, and between each two bead, place a Hanger. Each four beads in below diagram can be regarded as one group.


Step2: prepare the dangling pendant

Snip the proper pins into ideal length and group with the Glass Pearl Beads and significant Christmas pendants as following show.


Step3: hook on the well-prepared pendants

Hook the above pendant parts alternately onto hangers.


And so far, you have grasp the three main fundamental steps while try making your own charm bracelet. Just repeat the above procedures and you will sooner or later produce your own pretty good Christmas bracelet. Tips: more Christmas pendant elements can totally make your bracelet more sense of holiday!


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