Beebeecraft Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus bring you a warm Xmas

Summary: This time our tutorial is about beaded Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus; the beading technique applied is similar to our previous simple beading project, so don’t worry and just enjoy this Beebeecraft lovely beading tutorial.


It is Santa Claus who is always being mentioned in Xmas holiday; but have you remembered that television musical in 1996, Mrs Santa Claus made her successful debut, and audience were impressed very much. Today we would like to re-demonstrate the lovely couple in our beading tutorial, let’s have a serious study on them!

Materials and tools you need:

6mm red abacus crystal glass beads

6mm white abacus beads

6mm green abacus beads

6mm yellow abacus beads

String materials 0.35mm tiger tail wire

Red cord loop

Bead tips

Needle nose plier

Wire cutter

The instructions start here!

Step 1: prepare the steel wire and other beads

Snip about 30cm steel wire, double the ends and make the loop through bead tip; so you have installed wire onto bead tip, the top end of beaded Santa Claus is finished; repeat to make another one;

Then collect needed beads at hand;

Step 2: bead the Santa Claus and Mrs Santa

According to corresponding beading diagram, weave your beads onto wire to form the santa Claus and Mrs Santa; actually, the main beading technique is to cross wire ends through the hole of beads;



Step 3: finish the beaded Santa Claus and Mrs Santa

After all the beading step is done, you can make final knots and cut off the excess wires; at last, attach the Santa Claus and mrs Santa to cellphone straps respectively;

So for, the beaded Santa Claus and Mrs Santa is created; it is really easy to make out this lovely couple; enjoy this warm and wonderful Xmas day with your loved one!


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