Beebeecraft tutorials on Bright Colored Flowery Beaded Ornaments for Christmas

Summary: This beaded hanging ornament is made brightly colored which is for Christmas holiday! It is easy to make, so click to learn the details.



In this Beebeecraft tutorial, I would like to make a versatile beaded hanging ornament for oncoming Christmas holiday. After consideration, I decide to make a large flower ornament in bright colors, which can be hung on Christmas trees, put on handbags or fastened to key chains.

The materials and tools for beaded Christmas hanging ornament:

Jewelry string 0.38mm pink tiger tail wire
9mm black glass beads strand
8mm orange cat eye beads
8mm orange painted glass beads
Pandahall Elie 6mm turquoise beads
6mm brown faceted crystal glass beads
3mm grey seed beads
Round nose plier
Jewelry making tools Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

Instructions on how to make beaded flower ornament for Christmas:

Step 1: Make the petals of corolla

1st, pick a 70cm length of tiger tail wire;
2nd, string 5 cat eyes and 4 orange 8mm glass beads in alternate order, and cross both ends through a new orange 8mm glass bead;
3rd, tighten the wire and string one 9mm long black bead, two turquoise beads and one orange cat eye bead onto right-hand end; now the right hand end is working end;
4th, then string a grey seed bead and back through the adjoining orange cat eye;
5th, continue adding two turquoise beads and one 9mm rice shaped black bead;
6th, back through the 8mm orange bead from left to right, and tighten the wire;
7th, keep backing through the cat eye and 8mm orange bead and repeat above process to finish the rest petals.

Step 2: Make the petals of centers

1st, string onto the working end one rice shaped black bead, one brown glass bead and one grey seed bead;
2nd, back through the brown glass bead and string another rice black bead;
3rd, back the working end all the way through the adjoining petal;
4th, repeat the finish the rest petals;
5th, tie a firm knot and hide the rest wire into beads.

Step 3: Finish the Christmas hanging ornament

1st, pick a 12cm length of tiger tail wire and thread it through the seed bead of one petal;
2nd, string about 30 seed beads onto it and back the wire through the starting seed bead;
3rd, tie a knot there, cut excess wire and hide the ends in beads.

The final Christmas beaded hanging ornament is like this:

Tada! I have done my own version! While making this beaded ornament, you are suggested to pay attention to the working end which is always right hand end as mentioned in step 1. That means right hand end and left hand end are not in the same length, and right hand end should be as long as possible.


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