Beebeecraft beaded jewelry – Eye-catching Christmas snowflake brooch

Summary: Beebeecraft Instructions on making your own beaded jewelry for delectable Christmas; a piece of beaded Snowflake brooch; both steps show with clear pictures and detailed word explanations; within five minutes you will get it done!


In the freezing Christmas, the clean and bright snowflakes falling down from the sky are just like various white angels, they bring the cold evening to life and atmosphere the holiday more joyful and cheery. In the tradition, being regarded as a symbol, the snowflake is loved by all old and young, women and men. In the following paragraphs, I will teach you how you can make your own beaded jewelry-piece of eye-catching Christmas snowflake brooch at home.

Jewelry craft Supplies needs in snowflake brooch:

6mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead (LT. blue & clear)

4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Bead (LT. blue)

12/0 Glass Seed Beads

Brass Safety Brooch

String materials Nylon wire

Side Cutting Plier

Instructions for making your own beaded jewelry:

Step1: make the central of snowflake brooch

Snip about 50cm long Nylon wire and string six clear 6mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal Beads. Make a loop by crossing both tips through the last piece.


Step2: start to bead the “petals” of snowflake brooch

According to the diagram show, add on the following beads successively: 12/0 seed bead*1, 4mm LT. blue Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, 12/0 seed bead*1, 6mm clear Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, 6mm LT. blue Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, 6mm clear Swarovski Crystal Bead*1, (cross pass the third seed bead), 4mm LT. blue Swarovski Crystal Bead*1 and 12/0 seed bead*1. The whole process is like painting the mark “8”. Finally, thread the wire to the adjoining two clear beads of center circle.


Repeat the same procedures until you finish all six petals parts.


Step3: finish your snowflake brooch

Take out the Brass Brooch and attach the well-prepared snowflake part on it by using an extra wire strand.

So far, you have done the delicate snowflake brooch now. In the cheery festival, you must be the most standing out one. Just wear and adorn yourself with it and waiting for other’s admiration! For more contents on making your own beaded jewelry for special theme, focus on our Beebeecraft updates!


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