Free Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Paper Quilling Christmas Bell Cards

Summary: You may love Christmas bell very much, right? This article will show you a Beebeecraft tutorial on making paper quilling Christmas bell cards. Hope you love it.


I have shown you a lot handmade Christmas gifts in my other articles, including Christmas tree, Christmas garland, Christmas earrings, etc. Today, I will share this DIY quilling Christmas bell card, the main materials it will use are quilling paper. The following article will tell you the detail on how to make paper quilling Christmas cards.

Jewelry craft Supplies in making this paper quilling Christmas bell card:

5MM Yellow Quilling Paper
5MM Bright Red Quilling Paper
5MM Green Quilling Paper
5MM Black Quilling Paper
6MM Yellow Ribbon
White quilling card
White Glue
Rolling Pen
Jewelry making tools Glue Gun
Glue Stick

Step 1:Roll a pattern of the Christmas bell

1st, roll a circle with bright red quilling paper, disperse it a lot and stick the end;
2nd, pinch it to oval, like an eye, pinch crease of the outer 2 layer, and stick several layers at the same point.


Step 2: Make a Christmas bell base

Make a shape of bell with black quilling paper, inset the pattern into the bottom of this shape, and stick it firmly.

Step 3: Make 2 Christmas bells

1st, roll a circle with yellow quilling paper, later pinch the outer several layers to a quadrilateral;
2nd, make other 2 quadrilaterals, inset them to the bell base;
3rd, roll an incompact circle with bright red quilling paper, just stick it to the top part of bell base;
4th, roll 2 small circles with bright red quilling paper, stick them to the top of quadrilateral;
5th, roll a small circle with yellow quilling paper, stick it to the bottom of Christmas bell. Repeat all the steps and make another one.


Step 4: Make 3 leaves

1st, roll a circle with green quilling paper, after several layers, pinch paper to a rhombus and around several circles, stick the end firmly;
2nd, repeat above step and make other 2 leaves.


Step 5: Stick all the patterns together

1st, stick 3 green leaves with 2 Christmas bells firmly, glue them on the white quilling card;
2nd, make a bowknot with yellow ribbon, stick it to the Christmas bell, just like the picture below.


Here is the final look of the paper quilling Christmas bell card.
With quilling papers at hands, you can make this quilling Christmas bell card, it’s so colorful and lively, right? This quilling Christmas bell card have many different shapes, you can also pinch it to other shapes, just you like. You can write a note or draw a picture on the blank of card, and send it to your friends at the coming Christmas. Just have a try!


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