Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make His-and-hers Simple Card Holders

Summary: Here are a pair of cute card holders that are of superior quality and also easy to be made. As you can see, the main color is pink and white, which symbolize pure and beautiful love between couples.


When New Year comes, do you want to have something to be carried around for you and your boyfriend(girlfriend) that can tell people you are lovely couple? These cute card holders can be your perfect choice. If you want to learn how to make them, just check out this tutorial.

Jewelry crafts supplies to make the cute pink card holders:

Felt for DIY Kits

Jewelry making tools Flat Nose Plier

String materials nylon thread


How to make the cute pink card holders:

Step 1: Finish the main part of the boy’s card holder

1st, cut off the black “shirt” and the pink “tie”, then use black threads to sew along the edges of the “tie” to fix it on the “shirt”;
2nd, cut off the white “coat”, the “collars”, and the “pocket”;
3rd, sew together the black “shirt” and the white “coat” by sewing along the edges of the black “shirt” with pink threads.

Step 2: Continue to make the boy’s card holder

1st, fix two pieces of “collars” and the “pocket” on the white “coat” by sewing along the edges with black threads;
2nd, sew a pink felt board to the back of the white “coat”;
3rd, continue to sew a black felt board to the back with a piece of rectangle felt folded in half by the side, and leave the top edge to be open.

Step 3: Complete the boy’s card holder and make the main part of the girl’s

1st, add a short piece of chain to the card holder;
2nd, cut off the felt pieces showed in the picture. Sew these pieces on the red felt board by sewing along the edges;
3rd, tie a ribbon between the middle pieces like the picture shows.

Step 4: Complete the girl’s card holder

1st, tie a bow with the ribbon and cut off extra ribbons;
2nd, cut off two pieces equal length ribbons and two shorter ones. Sew them onto the pattern like the picture shows;
3rd, imitate step 2 and the front part of step 3 to complete the girl’s card holder.

This is how they look like from the back or the front.

There are other two pictures of the final looks.

One more picture~

Have you finished yours? Do you agree that they are easy to make? I believe with a little patience and carefulness, you can finish this hand embroidery cute his-and hers card holders by yourself. P.S. This will be a great gift for your boyfriend(girlfriend). Hope you like this tutorial!

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