Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Couple Friendship Bracelets with Tibetan Style Charms

Summary: Do you want to learn how to make couple bracelets? Here’s one easy Beebeecraft tutorial for beginners to learn the methods of braiding couple friendship bracelets shown in the below picture.


Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Why don’t you make this pair of simple braided bracelets and send them as gifts to your boyfriend or girlfriend? It will be a very precious and meaningful gift. Now, join us to learn how to make these couple friendship bracelets.

Jewelry craft Supplies needed to make these simple braided bracelets:

Antique Silver Handmade Alloy Chains
Key And Lock Alloy Tibetan Style Pendants & Charms
2MM Nylon Thread
Mix Size Silver Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier

How to make these simple braided bracelets:

Step 1: Make half of the black diy braided bracelet

1st, cut off two pieces of links from the antique silver handmade alloy chain;
2nd, cut off two pieces of 2mm black nylon threads. Fold them in half then hang them on two ends of the link;
3rd, cut off another piece of black thread. Fold it in half and hang it on the right end of the link;
4th, arrange these threads according to the picture, then thread the two side pieces of nylon thread into the middle part to make a knot;
5th, tighten the thread then make more knots in the same way.

Step 2: Finish the black simple braided bracelet

1st, in the same way, finish the left part of the bracelet;
2nd, cut off the side nylon threads and fix them by a lighter;
3rd, use a piece of nylon thread to tie the two ends of the bracelet, then make some knots;
4th, cut off extra threads and fix the end with a lighter;
5th, cut the two ends of the bracelet to suitable lengths and make some knots;
6th, use a jump ring to attach the alloy charm to the link.

Then use the same method to make a white simple braided bracelet.

This is the final look of the couple friendship bracelets!

Have you understood all the steps of making this pair of diy braided bracelets? I believe it takes a little bit of patience to complete all the jobs, but it’s not very hard. And, hope you have better designs with these diy braided bracelets. Have a good day!

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