Beebeecraft Instructions on How to Make Red Felt Flower Pillow at Home

Summary: Wanna try easy pillow? If yes, you will never miss today’s Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make red felt flower pillow at home~


If you are interested in felt pillow, look here! Today, I’m very happy to share you a Beebeecraftl tutorial on how to make red felt flower pillow at home. Hope you like it. Now, let’s get started~

Jewelry craft supplies needed for the red felt flower pillow:

Red , Yellow and Green Felt
String materials Red and Green Cotton Threads
Saw Scissors
Jewelry making tools Glue Gun

Instructions on how to make the the red flower pillow at home:

Step 1: Prepare the base of the felt pillow

1st, trim off two pieces of red round felt with saw scissors, and its size is up to you;
2nd, cut off three pieces of rectangle red felt with saw scissors , and the length is enough to wrap the round felt;
3rd, sew the three pieces of rectangle felt together with needle and red cotton thread like below.

Step 2: Stuff the felt pillow with cotton

1st, sew the rectangle felt and the round felts together with needle and red cotton thread like the showing picture;
2nd, stuff the red felt pillow with cotton, then sew the two ends of the rectangle felt together.

Step 3: Make the leaves

1st, draw several circles on the red felt, please see the showing picture;
2nd, trim off four pieces of green felt like leaf shape;
3rd, draw out the the vein of the leaf, then sew green cotton thread along its vein.

Step 4: Prepare the petals

1st, sew two pieces of green leaf shape felt together, and make another one in the same way;
2nd, draw out a “door” shape on a piece of red felt like below, then cut off it;
3rd, make more “door” shape felts.

Step 5: Add the petals on the pillow

1st, add the felt petals along the the circle from out to inside by using glue gun;
2nd, trim off several pieces of yellow felt with saw scissors like the showing picture.

Step 6: Finish the felt flower pillow

1st, add the yellow felt in the center of the pillow with glue gun;
2nd, paste the green leaves felt at the bottom of the flower pillow.

Time for the final look of the red flower felt pillow:

Please let me show more picture about it for you:

Wow, really stunning! Right? As you can see, the flower pillow is not difficult to make. Besides, the materials needed are also super easy to find. If you are interested in the Beebeecraft tutorial, just have a try. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about it. Hope you a nice journey and a good day~


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