Beebeecraft Valentine Tutorial on Making Leather Cuff Bracelet for Your Boyfriend

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial is going to show you how to make a beaded leather cuff bracelet as valentine day gift for your boyfriend.


A piece of handmade jewelry must be the best valentine day gift for your lover. Before February you have sufficient time to consider what to handcraft for him. I have an idea about making obsidian leather cuff bracelet and share it here with you!

Necessities for this leather cuff bracelet tutorial:

10mm black hematite beads
Pandahall Elite 4mm black leather cord
0.8mm silvery brass wire
Cord ends
Jump rings
Lobster claw
Benecreat Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun

How to make the beaded leather cuff bracelet:

Step 1: Make alternate beaded pattern

1st, cut 4 pieces of black leather cord and all measure about 25cm;
2nd, use tape to fasten the cutting ends and glue them into one silvery cord end finding;
3rd, cut a 18cm length of brass wire and coil it around the leather cords 5-8 times;
4th, cut off excess brass wire and tuck sharp end;
5th, cut a long piece of brass wire and coil it around the bottom two leather cords 3 times;
6th, string a bead onto wire and coil rest wire around the upper leather cords 3 times;
7th, cut off excess wire and coil the excess wire around middle leather cords with leaving tails at both ends;
8th, coil around middle cords 3 times;
9th, string beads onto both tails and coil them around sided leather cord 3 times;
10th, cut off excess tails and tuck sharp ends.

Step 2: Finish the leather cuff bracelet

1st, repeat above step to braid the bracelet to your desired length;
2nd, cut a 18cm length of brass wire and coil it around all the leather cords;
3rd, cut off excess wire and cords and hot glue bracelet end into another cord end finding;
4th, attach jump ring and lobster clasp to both ends.

The finished leather cuff bracelet will look like this:

This is a quite cool leather cuff bracelet for men! I bet your boyfriend will love it very much. For valentine day, this kind of handmade cuff bracelet is much more decent and suitable than other gifts.

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