Beebeecraft Valentine’s Ideas on making Caged Heart Stone Jewelry

Summary: How to make fabulous jewelry with basic wire wrapping techniques? Here, you’ll learn to create a wire wrapped cage with red heart stone in it. That will be the best gift on Valentine’s Day!


Love is an essential part of life. Similarly, a unique gift is a vital part on Valentine’s Day. So, to find a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her or him means so much between the lovers. Here, this project will show you how to make a “heart in the cage” ornament with basic wire wrapping techniques. We hope that it will inspire your wire work creations!

Jewelry craft supplies needed in the heart stone jewelry:

Heart-shape Gemstone Bead
1.5mm string materials Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Brass Wire
Necklace Jewelry Making Chain (optional)
Ruler (1~2cm wide)
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

How to make jewelry with wire wrapping techniques?

Step 1: Make the wire wrapped cage

1st, take the wire coil and roll the starting around the pliers;
2nd, curve the wire against the ruler forth for making a square;
3rd, make smaller squares in with pliers;
4th, leave 5mm at end and roll around the pliers as did in 1st process;

5th, make 6 pieces totally;

6th, tie 5 of the 6 wire square components two by two with 0.5mm brass wire.

Step 2: Put the heart stone in the cage

1st, take a wire and secure the heart-shape gemstone bead on the diagonal;
2nd, add the last square component and you’ll get a heart stone jewelry.

Step 3: Add the necklace chain (optional)

Attach the pendant to chain by using a jumpring.


So, are you still vexed about the Valentine’s Day gifts for her as a token of love? Just try this wire wrapped cage with your own heart in. This project allows you make jewelry with the easiest wire wrapping techniques! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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