Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Easy Earrings with Headpins and Eyepins for Valentine’s Day

Summary: Here you may see an easy earrings tutorial for beginners that show you how to make earrings with headpins and eyepins in an unusual way, including the way to make a wrapped loop.


To make earrings with headpins and eyepins are quite easy and they would be very nice gifts to give friends. By matching with the cute heart beads, you can turn the plain pins into pretty Valentine’s Day gifts within 15 minutes.

craft supplies for jewelry making earrings with headpins:

Colorful Acrylic Beads
6mm Bicone crystal Glass Beads
Earrings Hooks
Jewelry Glue (optional)
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

How to make earrings with headpins and eyepins?

Step 1: Make a beaded link with eyepins

1st, string a 6mm bicone glass bead onto the eyepin;
2nd, make a wrapped loop over bead with the leftover pin part. Make two beaded link totally.

Step 2: Add the chain

1st, prepare two 41-link chain strands;
2nd, open the simple loop on eyepin and hook the center link on chain (you can use a pin to help find the chain center). Repeat the same processes with the other earring piece.

Step 3: Make the heart bead dangle

1st, pass two headpins through the heart bead;
2nd, string the last link of each chain on headpin respectively;
3rd, roll the remaining pin part to the left and right by using pliers;
4th, stuck the chain link at the last roll;

5th, anchor the head of pin with dab of glue.

Step 4: Attach the earring hooks

Open the loop on earring hook and attach the earring dangle.


If you’ve got fifteen minutes and a few bead leftovers, just try making earrings with headpins and eyepins! These will take longer to read than to actually make the earrings.


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