Beebeecraft DIY Beaded Chandelier Hanging Decoration with Colorful Acrylic Beads

Summary: There are many hanging decoration ideas on our website. Today, I will show you an easy DIY beaded chandelier.


Weekend is coming, it’s a good time to make some decorations for you house. In this Beebeecraft tutorial, I will show you an easy hanging decoration idea of a diy beaded chandelier. As there are many steps of stringing beads, you can make it with your children.

Materials and tools needed in the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Acrylic Spike Beads
String materials Aluminum Wire
Copper Jewelry Wires
Transparent Fibre Wire
Wax  Cords
Jewelry making Tools Sets
Round Nose Pliers
Benecreat Bent Nose Pliers

Instructions on how to make the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Step 1: Make three main circles

1st, cut off three pieces of 2mm aluminum wires in different length, bend them into three circles;
2nd, put them into the order as the picture show and use some copper wires to fix the ends.

Step 2: String a spike bead and some acrylic beads on ten transparent fibre cords separately and hang them around the biggest circle.

Step 3: Cut off some colorful wax cords and fix them to the middle circle.

Step 4: Hang some colorful beaded chains around the smallest circle.

Step 5: Fix the three circles to make a hanging part

1st, cut off some small pieces of 2mm aluminum wires, and bend them to fix the three circles together.
2nd, use four wax cords to make a hanging part and add a aluminum hanger.

The final look of the easy DIY beaded chandelier:

Wow, it’s so easy to make, and it doesn’t take much time. Do you want to make one? I suggest you to make one with your kids, they all like colorful things, especially beads. Besides, I’m sure this colorful DIY beaded chandelier will bring more beauty to your house.

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