Beebeecraft Dangling Tibetan Silver Necklace with Crystal and Pearl Charms

Summary: ThisBeebeecraft tutorial is going to show you a Tibetan style charm necklace design. Follow me to attach diversified bead and wire charms and create a lovely charm pendant necklace.


DIY charm necklace with Tibetan silver finding and various wire (or bead) charms, isn’t it a good idea? Today, I’d like to apply the idea into handmade necklace project.

The following lists what you need for this project:

1mm string materials pink brass wire
6mm brown bicone glass bead AB color
6mm pink bicone glass bead AB color
6mm blue crystal glass beads AB color
6mm white glass pearl beads
8mm ivory glass pearl beads
Brass bead caps
Tibetan style tube bead
Brass cross chain
Head pins
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Jewelry making tools Wire cutter

Instructions on how to make a Tibetan silver charm necklace:

Step 1: Make wire coiling

1st, cut a 10cm length of brass wire and coil one end with plier;
2nd, do coiling 3 times or more;
3rd, then coil from the other end;
4th, finish the coiling and wire charm is done.

Step 2: Prepare bead charms

1st, slide AB color bicone beads onto head pin;
2nd, make a simple loop with round nose plier;
3rd, make two pearl bead charms;
4th, arrange the hanging order of the prepared charms.
5th, attach the charms onto Tibetan silver finding;

Step 3: Finish the DIY charm necklace

11st, cut a 36cm length of brass chain and thread it through the Tibetan silver finding;
2nd, connect end links together by a jump ring.

So I have done this Tibetan silver charm necklace. I reckon that Tibetan silver necklace is quite ethnically characteristic; if you love DIY jewelry which possesses a distinctive cultural flavor, this Tibetan one is good choice.


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