Beebeecraft Instructions on Simple Gold Chain Earrings to Make at Home

Summary: These super easy gold chain earrings takes only minutes to complete and requires merely very basic wire wrap techniques by using minimal amount of jewelry craft supplies.


Learn to make gorgeous earrings at home by using minimal supplies, I will recommend this gold chain earrings. No special materials will be needed except chain, headpin and some leftover beads.

Craft supplies for jewelry making the chain earrings:

Pandahall Elite jewelry making Chain
Selected Beads
Earring Hooks
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Pliers

How to make the chain earrings?

Step 1: Take the long headpin, slide one large-sized bead to the bottom, then string the chain links one by one.

Step 2: Make a simple loop at top with pliers, as long as the dangle reaches an ideal length. Keep the same length for the other chain dangle and remove the excess.

Step 3: Make a beaded dangle with short headpin and medium-sized bead.

Step 4: Attach the beaded dangle and earring hook.

Step 5: Make the other earring!


The way utilizing chain in these gold chain earrings are exactly the same as I did while making a simple elastic bracelet out of beads and chain. It makes use of the chain in a more extraordinary and gorgeous way! Hope you’ll try making such chain earrings at home!


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