Beebeecraft tutorials on making Cool Tibetan Style Beaded Necklace for Men

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will teach you to utilize simple beading and knotting techniques to make a Tibetan bead necklace for men!


I got an idea from another jewelry online store and made this men’s beaded necklace. Beaded necklace for men should possess a sort of masculine edge and that is why I tried many times on the beads and colors.

The Jewelry craft supplies for beaded necklace for men:

1mm nylon thread
8mm dark blue wood beads
6mm bronze bead spacers
Tibetan style beads

Instructions for how to make a bead necklace for men:

Step 1: Start to bead necklace

1st, cut a pair of 50cm length of thread, leave 20cm tail and make an overhand knot;
2nd, tie a snake knot near the overhand knot and string Tibetan bead, spacer beads and wood bead in order;
3rd, after beading, knot the other end.

Step 2: Make the adjustable closure

1st, overlap the tails of both ends;
2nd, make sliding knot around right end with left tail;
3rd, make another sliding knot around left end with right tail.

The finished bead necklace for men is like this:

Tibetan style beads and findings can add to jewelry a distinctive temperament, especially suitable for men’s jewelry. In a word, I love the combination of Tibetan and wood beads.

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