Beebeecraft DIY Fashion Earrings Red Bead hoop earrings Tutorial

Summary: ngle earrings tutorial, we will make S dangle earrings. It looks simple and gorgeous. If you are a jewelry making enthusiast, you can try it.


There are many dangle earrings, but this one is different. Its shape is so interesting which looks like an “S”. And it just needs few materials to make. So next, follow our steps to make this amazing earring.

5 steps to make this S dangle earring:

  1. Jewelry craft suppliesyou will need:

bicone crystal glass beads

0.8mm brass wire

0.3mm copper wire

earring hooks

  1. Cut enough length of 0.8mm brass wire and slide a glass bead onto the middle of it.
  2. Bend the brass wire toward right and counterclockwise make a semicircle with it and then use 0.3mm brass wire to wrap the two parts of 1mm brass wire together.
  3. Slide a glass bead onto the 1mm brass wire and then clockwise make the same semicircle with it, and then continue to wrap it around the base of the 1mm brass wire for several wraps.
  4. Make a loop with the base of 1mm brass wire and hook it to an earring hook. So this S dangle earring is done! Hope you like it.

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