Beebeecraft Wire Jewelry Ideas- How to Make Bangle Bracelets with Purple Wire

Summary: This time I will give you a Beebeecraft wire jewelry tutorial, it is about how to make bangle bracelets with wire, I use the wire in the shades of purple, and you can choose any color as you like to match your ou


Many people like wire jewelry designs, however, some wire jewelry is different to learn, especially for the beginner of handcraft. This wire bracelet patterns is easy to follow an you can have a try.

  1. Jewelry craft suppliesyou will need in this wire jewelry tutorial:

1.5mm String materials aluminum wire

bead reamer

  1. Prepare a strip of wire with about 80cm, find midpoint of the aluminum wire and out it on the reamer, hold the wire with your hand and start to move it around the reamer and form a series of continuous circles.
  2. When it is long enough and fit for your wrist. And then make a smaller loop and trim off the excess wire.

With the guidance of the Wire jewelry tutorial, I think you must have made out a unique bangle bracelet with wire, hope you will like it!

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