Design Your Own Jewelry- Beebeecraft Tassel Earrings Using Beads and Chain

Summary: Today’s easy craft is about DIY tassel earrings. As you know, tassels are highly used in jewelry and other accessories, so why not learn this “how to make a pair of tassel earring” project.


Tassel is an important part in fashion, and if you won’t go over board and want to add a little bit in your jewelry, learn to make the DIY tassel earrings is a good choice for you. Now let’s scan the detail of this DIY tassel earring.

Jewelry craft supplies on making tassel earrings:

  1. Things you will need in this DIY tassel earring:

Pandahall Elite jewelry making chain

Crystal glass beads


earring hooks


bowknot links

  1. Cut the chain into different length, slide your bicone beads onto headpins, make a simple loop for each headpin and trim off the extra part.
  2. Since your headpins is ready, it is time to attach them to every chain.
  3. Now thread two jumprings through the both loop of the bowknot links, connect the earring hook and tassel.

Do you believe you have managed to make this neat and stunning DIY tassel earring? The earring design idea is definitely worth a try, hurry up to make a gorgeous earring like this!


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