Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Idea – Birds Nest Pendant Tutorial

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial is very special which is about making birds nest pendant. On hearing the birds nest pendant, you may think it is very amazing. Yes, it is. So do you want it? Just follow the instruction


Don’t be scared by its appearance. Actually the birds nest pendant is very easy to make. Here we will show you the detailed making process and you will make it. This bird nest pendant is great for necklace making and house decoration. It is worth owning.

Jewelry craft materials in making birds nest pendant:

0.8mm&0.5mm Brass wire
Acrylic beads
Electroplate crystal glass beads

How to make birds nest pendant?

Step1: Wire wrapped the spider web

1st, cut four 0.8mm brass wires with the same length and fold them in half;
2nd, intertwine the four brass wires in the center tightly;
3rd, clockwise wrap the 0.5mm brass wire around the 8 pieces of 0.8mm brass wire in sequence;
4th, continue wrapping until you get your desired scale.


Step2: Add electroplate glass beads to the web

1st, slide a electroplate glass bead onto a 0.8mm brass wire and make a loop over the bead;
2nd, slide the beads and make loops with other brass wires.

Step3: Add “bird egg” to the web

1st, slide the two pink acrylic beads onto a 0.5mm brass wire and cross through another two beads;
2nd, thread the two ends of the brass wire through the center of the nest web.


Step4: Tie a knot with a two ends


So the birds nest pendant is finished! If you don’t want to add the pink acrylic beads to the center of the web, you can let the center blank, and you will find it looks like a spider web. Make one and you will find it is an interesting tutorial.


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