Beebeecraft Cute Valentine’s Day gifts- a love letter to your him/her

Summary: This tutorial is to demonstrate you a nice idea of cute Valentine’s Day gifts, that is, how to make metal earrings; the earrings are in love letter pattern which is a splendid choice for your valentine’s gift.


Maybe the how to make metal earrings project counts for the women are addicted in jewelry; if your girlfriend is one of the craft fans or being a diyer in jewelry field, she must be very happy if you are able to customize a cute jewelry for her. As the cute valentine’s day gift, handmade by yourself, doesn’t only express love, but also show your understanding and full attentions to her interests and hobbies.

The things you need to prepare for love letter earrings:

3mm seed beads in deep pink color

6mm transparent bicone crystal glass beads

Iron jewelry making chain

Eye pins

Head pins

Earring hooks

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Needle nose plier

Wire cutter

Full instructions of the cute Valentine’s Day gift:

Step 1: make envelope dangle

First, thread about 13 seed beads onto an eye pin;

Second, loop a hook at the rest part of pin and trim off the excess;

Third, prepare all parts of envelope;

Fourth, assemble the parts together and clamp all the hooks;

Step 2: make heart dangle

First, with round nose plier, shape an eye pin into a “3” pattern;

Second, thread about 17 beads on and loop the rest pin; similarly shape another pin into “V”, thread beads and loop the rest;

Third, hook the parts together;


Step 3: adorn chain with crystal

First, thread a bicone onto a head pin and loop the rest with plier; prepare 3 bicone units;

Second, snip 6cm chain and attach the bicone units onto chain;


Step 4: finish the cute Valentine’s Day gift

Combine the chain with envelope and heart dangle respectively; and then attach ear hook to each.


So far, the tutorial how to make metal earrings is finalized here; it isn’t that complicated, and you might find such kind of craft works is really creative and fascinating. I hope you and your girlfriend both enjoy this cute Valentine’s Day gift and romantic time!


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