Beebeecraft Tutorial on Make a Delicate Rose Flower Pendant with Beads and Wire

Summary: How to make delicate flowers with beads and wire? By using 7 frosted acrylic beads, 1 glass pearl beads and inches of wire, you can create your own rose pendant for the coming Valentine’s Day!


Rose accessory is adorable and appreciated by women at all ages, especially when it is entirely handcrafted. So, here you’ll be taught to make a beaded wire rose flower pendant in today’s project. It’s inspired by a silver rose flower pendant at the boutique. Wondered know how? Just keep reading.

Jewelry craft Supplies needed for making the beaded wire flowers:

8mm Transparent Acrylic Beads
12mm Glass Pearl Beads
Bracelet Making Chain
Jumpring (not shown)
Pandahall Elite 2mm Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter Pliers

How to make flowers with beads and wire?

Step 1: Make the flower disc with beads

1st, cut a piece of 0.5mm silver brass wire, about 50cm long;
2nd, string seven 8mm acrylic beads to the center location on wire, twist two wire ends for creating a loop;
3rd, add the 12mm pearl bead on either wire and wrap the wire around the wire between two opposite beads;

4th, loop the acrylic beads two by two;
5th, grasp two wire ends at one position and secure by twisting more times.

Step 2: Add the aluminum wire as flower stalk

1st, pass the short aluminum wire through the loop, then squeeze snugly with pliers;
2nd, wrap the remaining brass wire around then.

Step 3: Make leaves with green brass wire

1st, cut two lengths of green brass wire to approximately 30cm;
2nd, tie the figure-eight knot with wire. Tighten the wire slightly, anchor the wire in top by doing two or three wraps and then remove the excess.

Step 4: Complete the wire and bead flower

1st, wrap on the two leaves;
2nd, curve two ends of aluminum axis inwards around the round nose pliers.

Step 5: Add the pendant to chain

Take a jumpring and attach the rose flower pendant!


It’s a simple yet fabulous wire and bead flower project. Wearing such rose flower pendant is an easy way to keep a part of nature and will exactly “WOW” everyone who sees you wear it! Just enjoy yourself here!

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