Beebeecraft Valentine’s Day jewelry – wire jewelry earrings with two dangling hearts

Summary: This tutorial is all about a piece of Valentine’s Day Jewelry-The Closer Hearts. By learning this project, you will find a new fresh way on how to make wire jewelry earrings with simple jewelry craft supplies.


New Year’s Day is finally here and the next will be the Romantic Valentine’s Day for couples. Presents, sweet chocolates, aromatic flowers, you both deserve that moment because you have done so much to prepare for it. In order to help give an appreciated gift, in the coming week I will show several Valentine’s Day jewelry ornaments for that special occasion. How are you going to memorize your time? Make your piece by following today’s project: how to make wire jewelry earrings.

Basic materials for the Valentine’s Day jewelry:

1.5mm Aluminum wire

12mm Faceted Rondelle Swarovski Crystal glass Beads

6mm Bicone Swarovski Crystal glass Beads




Earring hooks

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

How to make wire jewelry earrings?

Step1: wrap out the “heart”

Snip about 8~10cm 1.5mm gauged Aluminum Wire and fold it in half with Round Nose Plier;

Next, do one and a half or two inward curls with two ends by plier;

At last, unfold the wire and adjust the shape more regular and neat.


Step2: make the rest components and assemble the Valentine’s Day jewelry

Thread the 12mm Faceted Rondelle Swarovski Crystal Bead onto the Eyepin and then the 6mm Bicone ones onto the headpins. Loop the other tip as the picture show;

Then, attach two Jumpring onto the heart as below;


Assemble the heart shape component, 12mm bead and earring hooks with Jumprings;

Last, embellish with the three Bicone bead elements.

In this Valentine’s Day jewelry, you do not have to use extra tools besides the usual three kinds Plier: Round Nose Plier, Side Cutting Plier, and Wire-cutter Plier. Fall love in crafting with wires? Try more tutorials on our pandahall about how to make wire jewelry earrings. An original design often produces when you combine two different techniques together in one.


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