Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make WigJig Swan Earrings with Wire

Summary: This is a free Beebeecraft tutorial tells you how to make wire swan earrings step by step. They won’t take long to make, and will be a wonderful wardrobe for the coming Valentine’s Day!


I’ve searched all over the internet to figure out what to make for the coming Valentine’s Day apart from the heart ones. So, it really makes me swoon when I saw this pair of swan earrings. Soon after I get home, I take my wire and create this WigJig earrings pattern by using pliers only. The following is how to make wire earrings step by step:

Jewelry craft supplies needed for making swan earrings with wire:

1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Colorful Acrylic Beads
Earring Hooks
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers

How to make wire earrings step by step?

Step 1: Wrap the WigJig swan with round nose pliers

1st, cut a piece of aluminum wire to approximately 20cm;
2nd, squeeze one end to flat and then slide one heart-shape acrylic bead;

3rd, start to make the WigJig pattern like: Lift up the flat wire end, curve the wire around the round nose plier close to the bead, bent the wire against the bead with finger, curve the wire around the round nose pliers, direct the wire to the other side along the previous wire with finger and then make another three curves;
4th, curve the wire to make it move upwards;

5th, cut the excess wire to make it be flush with its adjacent curve;
6th, loop the end around the tip on round nose pliers;

7th, make a duplicate wire wrapped pattern.

Step 2: Attach the earring hooks

1st, arrange the two wire components in a opposite direction;
2nd, attach the earring hooks with pliers.


So far, those are all details of how I make these wire earrings step by step. The swans can form monogamous pair bonds for many years, and in some cases that can be a lifelong agreement. They are just another typical symbol of real love, aren’t they? Hope you’ll love such a WigJig earrings pattern!


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