Beebeecraft Fantastic Turquoise Earrings Making Instructions

Summary: You just need 6 kind of materials and several steps to make such a cute turquoise earrings. More Instructions for making turquoise earrings from

Fantastic Turquoise Earrings Making Instructions

This is an easy and fast design for some really cute earrings. You just need 6 kind of beading materials and some necessary tools. Within several easy steps, you can finish a fantastic turquoise earrings.

Mateirals For Making Turquoise Earrings:
1. Iron earring hooks
2. Brass ball headpins, silver color

3. Iron headpins, silver color
4. Tibetan silver bead caps cone, flower, antique silver
5. Dyed synthetic turquoise round beads, 4mm (12pcs) and 12mm (2pcs)
6. Round nose pliers and diagonal side cutting pliers jewelry making tools

materials for making turquoise beads earring

Prepare the Materials:
Step 1.  Take 10 of the 4mm turquoise beads and the 10 ball headpins
Step 2. Place a 4mm turquoise bead on a ball headpin
Step 3. Place the round nose pliers at the top of the headpin and bend the headpin up and over the round nose pliers until it meets the turquoise bead and you have a nice round loop. Repeat this step for all 10 beads
prepare the materials

Earring Assembly
Step 1. Take the 12mm turquoise bead and place it on the iron headpin
Step 2. Take the flower bead cap and place it, face down, on the top of the turquoise bead
Step 3. Take 5 small turquoise beads with loops and place them on the top of the bead cap
Step 4. Take one 4mm turquoise bead and place it on the top of all the others. Press the bead to fix well all the components

steps for making the earrings

Step 5. Use the side cutting pliers and cut the headpin at about 1cm above the turquoise bead and, with the round nose plier, make a loop
Step 6. Attach the earring hoop to create the earring
Repeat all of the above steps to create a second earring.

finish the turquoise bead earrings
Final Result
Now you have a nice pair of turquoise earrings.

turquoise bead earrings finished!


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