Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Blue Dangling Earrings with Glass Seed Beads

Summary: I made a pair of royal blue dangling earrings by Pandahall Elite materials on Beebeecraft! I was glad to share with you how to bead earrings in an easy way. Here we go!

Easy Tutorial on Making Blue Dangling Earrings with Glass Seed Beads

I’m obsessed with seed bead earring patterns, especially when they are embellished by plastic paillette beads or pearl beads. They look elegant, right? The materials used in the dangle earring costs less than 25 USD and the whole process spends only 15minutes. Now let see how to make seed bead earrings!

Supplies for making the bead earring patterns

glass pearl beads , you need 4 in number
glass seed beads, I use in blue color
iron earring hooks
sewing thread , blue color
plastic paillette beads

How to make the elegant dangle earring with?

Step1: Tying knots

1st, take thread and cut it in 12 cm and at one edge make knots 4 or 5 times to avoid beads from sliding off later;
2nd, then take on a blue seed bead and attach it in knotted thread as showed.

tying knots

Step2: Stringing seed beads

1st, put a plastic paillette bead and a glass pearl bead onto the thread, then 4 blue glass seed beads;

2nd, add an iron earring hook onto it and make a knot to finish one dangle.

stringing seed beads

Step3: Finish the seed bead earring

1st, after attaching the hook, put 3 blue glass seed beads in the remaining thread;

2nd, then put a pearl bead and a plastic paillett bead, at end one glass seed bead. And make knot strongly to finish the dangle earring.

Finish the seed bead earring

Repeat the three steps above to finish a pair of blue dangling earrings!

Only in 15 minutes, you can get such an amazing pair of dangling earrings. It is easy and interesting! The seed bead earring patterns worth a try, especially for green hands. You can make a pair in other colors.

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