Beebeecraft Handmade Kids Bracelet Tutorial

Summary: This is lovely bracelet tutorial on how to make fair bracelet for kids with paillette beads, this cute bracelet could be used as kids role play of fairy tale.

Handmade Kids Bracelet Tutorial- Making Fair Bracelet with Flower Shaped Paillette Beads

Sheer and colorful pieces of cute-shaped sequins wrap and twist around themselves. This handmade fairy bracelet looks funny and extrordinary and is really fun making it.

Craft Material for Jewelry making fairy bracelet:

1) 4pcs. approx. 21cm string materials tiger tail thread, pink
2) Some paillette beads
3) 1pc. lobster claw clasp, silver color
4) 1pc. jumpring, silver color
5) 4pcs. brass crimp beads, silver color
6) 2pcs. brass bead tips silver color

material needed for making fairy bracelet

Jewelry making Tools:

1) Flat nose plier
2) Sidecutting plier

tools for making fairy bracelet:

Making fairy braceltes for kids

Step 1: Attaching bead tips to tiger tail thread

1st, take the four pieces of tiger tail, pull them through one of the bead tip;
2nd, now take two crimp beads and string one on each two tiger tail pieces. Take the flat nose plier and squeeze the crimp beads;
3rd, close the bead tip gently with the flat nose plier.

attaching bead tips to tiger tail thread

Step2: Stringing the sequins on threads

1st, start stringing the sequins on the first two threads. After each sequin twist the tiger tails twice;
2nd, after you’ve finished the first row, string the two ends of the thread through the second bead tip, put a crimp bead on them and squeeze it as you did in step 1;
3rd, repeat this step for the other two tiger tail pieces. Cut the ends if required with the side cutting plier. Close the bead tip with both squezzed crimp beads in it with the flat nose plier.

Stringing the sequins on threads

Step3: Adding jumpring and lobster claw clasp

1st, at last twist the two strands you’ve made now a few times and put one jumpring on one end of the bracelet and the lobster claw clasp on the other.

adding jumpring and lobster claw clasp

Well done! This is a lovely little piece of lightweight colorshapes that move in motion and reflect your world in their own way. Join us to give this fairy bracelet a try!

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