Beebeecraft tutorials on Funky Garland Candy-Colored Loop Earrings

Summary: This loop earring idea is going to show you a creative way about how to make a pair of funky garland loop earrings with net thread cord, seed beads and ribbon.

How to Make Funky Garland Loop Earrings – Candy-Colored Loop Earring Idea

Colorful, extraordinary and funky garland loops are just perfectly fitting for almost every outfit. Soft shapes, different materials, many colors and a little bit of sparkling gorgeousness are a great recipe to craft wonderful, unique jewelry. These garland loops will adorn you in a very special and beautiful way.


1) 2pcs. Approx. 20cm pink satin ribbon
2) 2pcs. Approx. 10cm pink net string materials thread cord
3) 2pcs. Brass earring settings lever back hoops, black color
4) 2pcs. European glass beads, petrol color
5) 2pcs. Jump rings, black color
6) Some glass seed beads, different colors



1) 1 round nose plier
2) 1 flat nose plier
3) 1 pair of scissors


Instructions on how to make garland loop earrings:

Step 1: Make garland loop

Take two net thread cord pieces and fill them up with seed beads. Leave approx. three centimeters on each end empty.

Step 1: Make garland loop

Step 2: Finish the loop dangle

1st, string one European bead onto one net thread cord;
2nd, tie the ends of the net thread with the satin ribbon above the European bead. Tie a tight knot.
3rd, cut the net thread right above the knot;
4th, make a nice, small bowknot and cut the ends as desired.

Step 2: Finish the loop dangle

Finally grab a jump ring with the flat nose plier, put the earring hook on it, string it onto the ribbon and gently close it with the round nose plier. Repeat this step to finish the second earring.

Well done! Your Funky garland Loop earrings are done and ready to be worn at any occasion. Have fun wearing them and enjoy the candy colors of this earring idea.


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