Learn from Beebeecraft How to DIY Colorful Beaded Cluster Ring

Summary: 5 minutes to create a beaded cluster ring! In this DIY colorful beaded cluster ring project, we will show the details about how to make a sweetylicious ring with multi-colored and -sized beads.

How to Make Sweetylicious Precious Ring – DIY Colorful Beaded Cluster Ring

Craft your own awesome, sparkling and colorful beaded cluster ring that is full of glamour, femininity and sweetness. Many different colored and shaped, faceted beads and pendants are utilized to create a wonderful bling-bling effect and will make everyday life a little sweeter. The full instruction of how to make this ring will be shown below in details:

Craft supplies for jewelry making:

1) 1pc. Brass sieve ring base, silver color
2) 1pc. 70cm white tiger tail wire
3) 2pcs. Brass crimp beads, silver color
4) 5pcs. Crystal pendants, (2pcs. purple, 2pcs. pink, 1pc. green)
5) 24pcs. Faceted bicone crystal glass beads, different colors
6) 9pcs. Faceted oval electroplate glass beads, different colors
7) 2pcs. Faceted oval electroplate glass beads
8) 3pcs. Faceted drop beads
9) 6pcs. Faceted cube beads, different colors


Jewelry making Tools:

1) 1pc. Side cutting plier
2) 1pc. Round nose plier
3) 1pc. Flat nose plier


Instructions on how to make cluster ring:

Step 1: Prepare ring shank

1st, take the tiger tail wire, string a crimp bead on one end and crimp it with the flat nose plier.
2nd, string the tiger tail wire through one of the holes in the middle of the sieve ring base.

Step 1: Prepare ring shank

Step 2: Make beaded cluster pattern

1st, start stringing the beads no. 6 as shown on the picture. After every stringed bead, go back through a hole to put the beads in place;
2nd, go ahead by filling up the holes between the oval beads with the beads no. 5;
3rd, now the result should look as shown.

Step 1: Prepare ring shank

Step 3: Finish the cluster ring

1st, again fill the holes in the next row with the left beads no. 5;
2nd, start stringing the crystal pendants (no. 4) and put them in place as you desire;
3rd, fill up every left hole with a bead and create a nice, round dome;
4th, string the second crimp bead on the end of the tiger tail wire, pull it all the way down between the beads, where it can’t be seen and there crimp it with the flat nose plier. Cut off the rest of the wire with the side cutting plier.

Step 3: Finish the cluster ring

Well done! You finished a really brilliant beaded cluster ring that’s both eye catcher and a bewitcher of hearts. This DIY colorful will reflect every little light in your life and sparkle sweetylicious ad infinitum.


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