Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Named Cord Loop Phone Charms with Acrylic Alphabet Beads

Summary: Wanna do something meaningful for your beloved? DIY a special cell phone charm with her/his name on it is a great idea. Follow this Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make phone charms with acrylic alphabet beads!

How to Make Named Cord Loop Phone Charms with Acrylic Alphabet Beads

This tutorial aims at showing you how I made a cute named cell phone charm. For me Cretu (last name) Maria (name) has a special significance as the grandmother who raised me. So I made such a letter charm filled with my gratitude and love to her! This phone charm is definitely easy and with a very low cost. In addition, the required time is only 10 minutes.

Craft Materials for Jewelry making the named phone charm:

purple heart loop

alphabet in acrylic beads

ab color acrylic beads

jumpring and double jumpring iron loop mix

brass wire brass crimp beads

Jewelry making tools pliers set

materials for phone charm

How to start the special named phone charm?

Step 1: Prepare the wire and slide beads onto it

1st, cut a fairly long piece of brass wire, about 30 cm, bend it properly for sliding beads onto it;

2nd, put half an ab color acrylic beads acrylic alphabet beads and two ( for us M and C) on each side of the wire, then slide another acrylic beads ab color but normally get a line and the other, stuffing it in the opposite direction;

3rd, shoot some wires to let no space with the help of pliers set. Put the thread properly! Please kindly note that letter M is now at the bottom. So slide letter A on the same wire of letter C, so does letter R because they changed their position;

4th, repeat sliding letter beads and acrylic beads ab color onto the wire as the same referred until the full name is finished. Tuck it in a straight line properly.

slide beads

Step 2: Add the purple heart loop to finish the phone charms

1st, get both wires in a brass crimp beads so that they come to an end;

2nd, take a jumpring double loop and to make a loop, then put them again in brass crimp beads and jump well;

3rd, wires plus introduce them again in a straight line in acrylic alphabet beads, shoot well and then turtle brass crimp beads to be stable and not fall apart;

4th, Cut excess thread and adjust it well by pliers. Take care of your fingers when using the tools!

add the purple heart loop

The personalized cord loop letter charm is ready as showed:

Wow! The phone charm with my grandmother’s name is finished here. If you are looking for a distinctive gift for your family, or finding ways to ingratiate yourself with she/him, then DIY a named phone charm now. It really works. You must have already got the hang of this tutorial, right?


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