Beebeecraft Handmade Necklace Tutorial – How to Make A Ribbon Wave Necklace

Summary: This handmade necklace tutorial is going to tutor you a practical way regarding making a ribbon wave necklace; Hope you will enjoy this handmade necklace making.

This handmade necklace is simple to make and yet looks stunning. The ribbon goes alternately over and under each bead creating a wave effect pattern which works well with larger pearl beads and wider ribbons also. The simplicity of being able to knot and tie the ribbon means no clasps are needed while making the ribbon wave necklace.

Jewelry craft supplies You will need:

* Satin Ribbon, Mixed Color, 6mm, 25yards/roll, 10rolls/group, 250yards/group

* 32″ Glass Pearl Beads Strands, Round, Dyed, Mixed Color, about 10mm in diameter, hole: 1.5mm, about 85 pcs/strand

* Spacer Beads, Iron, Round, Silver Color, 3mm diameter, hole:1mm

* Iron Beading Needles, 0.45mm thick, 48mm long, hole: 0.3mm, 25pcs/bag

String materials Cotton thread


Step 1: Secure one end of the ribbon

1st, thread the seed bead onto the cotton and double cotton back through it or knot it securely.

2nd, fold your ribbon into rough thirds and thread the cotton through the ribbon 1/3 of the way along. On the other side add the first pearl.

Step 2 make ribbon wave necklace

1st, sew back down through the ribbon; (bend the ribbon around the bead tightly to judge where to thread).

2nd, add another pearl on the underside and repeat, pulling the cotton tightly each time. Carry on in this way until you have used all your pearls.

3rd, thread the other seed bead on and knot securely. Trim the ends.

Step 3 secure the other end

1st, knot the ribbon around the seed beads to cover them.

2nd, cut the ribbon ends at an angle to prevent fraying and loosely knot them together.

Tada! The ribbon wave necklace tutorial is done. Satin ribbon glistens under soft lights, echoing with the glittering pearl beads; I guess to wear this handmade necklace can lift your temperament to a great extent.


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