Beebeecraft colorful acrlic flower beads blooming earrings

Summary: This project aims to tell you how to design your own jewelry- field of flowers earrings; because of acessisible jewelry craft materials and easy method, you can accompllish making earrings all by yourself this time.

In the hot summer, limbs get leafy and flowers turn blooming; everything seems to be reborn, why not your jewelries? As a skillful crafter and fashion rider, you must have designed your own jewlery lots of times, and today you can again devote yourself into making earrings with abandonment.


1. flat nose plier.

2. round nose plier.

3. side cutting plier.


1. 2pcs. 3,3cm iron mother-son jewelry making chain, antique bronze color.

2. 8pcs. iron jumprings 5mm, bronze color.

3. 2pcs. iron earring hooks.

4. 2pcs. Alloy fancy pins, bronze color.

5. 12pcs. Alloy fancy pins, bronze color.

6. 16pcs. Brass ball headpins, bronze color.

Different transparent, frosted acrylic flowers and leaves:

7. 2pcs. about 14mm, lightpurple.

8. 2pcs. about 12mm, orange.

9. 2pcs. about 12mm, lightblue.

10. 2pcs. about 13mm, orange.

11. 2pcs. about 13mm, yellow.

12. 2pcs. about 10mm, green.

13. 2pcs. about 10mm, pink.

14. 2pcs. about 10 mm, purple.

15. 2pcs. about 10mm, pink.

16. 2pcs. about 12mm, lightblue.

17. 2pcs. about 12mm, yellow.

18. 2pcs. about 10mm, pink.

19. 2pcs. about 10mm, lightblue.

20. 4pcs. about 10mm, orange.

21. 4pcs. about 17.5mm long, green.

22. 2pcs. about 17.5mm long, yellow.


Step 1: prepare acrylic flowers and leaves

Thread an acrylic flower onto a head pin, making a simple loop each; then attach a jump ring to an acrylic leave, creating a simple loop each.

Please noted: Use No.4 headpins with flowers No.7;

No. 5 headpins with flowers No.10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

and No.6 headpins with flowers No.16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Step 2: combine earring hook with iron chain

Snip two pieces of short iron chains and combine each with an earring hook;

Step 3: finish the earrings

Arrange acrylic flowers and leaves onto iron chain.

Well, congratulations, you are done with your refreshing field of flowers earrings. I hope you enjoyed making earrings like that; everytime you look at those cute pieces, you will proudly smile, because you have tried hard to design your own jewelry.


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