Learn from Beebeecraft how to Design Chunky Acrylic Necklaces

Summary: Tender colors, like pink, blue and yellow, are super suitable for parent-offspring jewelry, especially for mother daughter jewelry. Here we give some Beebeecraft steps about this kind of acrylic necklace design.

Chunky acrylic necklaces are very in right now. Usually applied in mother daughter jewelry, they are cute, colorful, and fun. This article talks about how to design necklaces like these. Please note, everybody has their own creative ways of design, this article just offers tips for designing chunky acrylic necklaces with simple jewelry craft supplies and easy steps.

1) Contrasting Color

Contrast is key. One single color tends to be dull. When two or more complementary colors are put together, necklaces pop.

2) Size of Beads

Varied size of beads is a great way to bring size contrast. Perhaps have a series of 20mm beads in the center and 10mm filling the rest of necklace. Try stuff out!

3) Pendant

A pendant can easily make a necklace unique. Whether it is a custom letter, heart, diamond, butterfly, pendants are just sweet.

4) Spacers

Spacers add a nice finished look to necklaces. My favorite spacers are Pandahall Elite 6mm rhinestone spacers and 3-4mm silver tone spacers.

Have fun and enjoy the tips from how to design chunky acrylic necklaces. Many more mother daughter jewelry projects are waiting for your digging out.

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