Earring Findings in Golden Earrings with Black Pearls

This pair of earrings combines black and golden color together. It is pretty and elegant. And you will learn how to use bead caps while making it as well.


Materials needed before jewelry making:

Environmental Glass Pearl Bead Strands, Round, Dyed, Cotton Cord Threaded, Black, 8mm;Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads, No Hole, Round, Black, 6mm;

Brass Bead Caps, Mixed Shape, Golden;

Brass Twisted Chains Curb Chains, with Spool, Oval, Golden;

Brass Eye Pin, Golden;

Brass Earring Hooks, Golden;

Iron Bead Caps, Golden;


Flat nose pliers;

Round nose pliers;

Cutting pliers;


Main steps of the jewelry making:

  1. Make the earring pendants.

Firstly, you need several glass pearl beads, some imitation pearl acrylic beads, brass beads caps, brass eye pins.

Secondly, thread the pearl beads and brass caps as the pictures show.

Thirdly, bend the rest eye pin into circles under the help of jewelry making tools.

Fourthly, thread the other beads in the same way.


  1. Connect the pearls.

Firstly, connect the pearl beads with the circles and the brass twisted chains.

Secondly, add the brass earring hooks on the earrings.


This is the final mode of this earring findings. You can have a try if you are interested in this jewelry making. And if you have any problem in making this jewelry, you can leave a comment below the article and i will reply you as soon as possible. You can also tell me which kinds of earrings you want to make, and i will try my best to teach you some helpful skills in jewelry making.



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