Beautiful Colorful Beads Bracelet

The bracelet is made by colorful beads and very suits for spring and summer. Let’s make it and have a try!


Materials needed in this jewelry making:

Natural Mashan Jade Beads Strands

Natural White Jade Beads Strands

Brass Grade A Rhinestone Spacer Beads

Iron Bead Tips Knot Covers

Brass Crimp Beads Covers

Tail Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Jewelry Findings

Silver Brass Lobster Claw Clasps

Jewelry Pliers


Main steps of making it:

  1. Put one iron bead tips knot cover on one point of the tail wire.
  2. Thread the jade beads one by one. First is a blue jade bead, then a red brass grade rhinestone spacer bead, next a blue jade bead again, and a yellow natural jade bead in the last.
  3. Repeat threading beads in the same order with step 2.
  4. Put another iron bead tips knot cover on the another point of tailwire.
  5. Add jump rings in each red brass spacer beads.
  6. Make bracelet pendants with jewelry findings of ball pins and the blue jade beads.
  7. Connect each jade beads pendants with the jump rings.
  8. The last step is to add the silver brass lobster claw clasp on the bracelet.



You will need many jump rings to connect the jewelry components. But it is not too hard to make it. What do you think of this colorful beads bracelet? By the way, there is a big promotion on the website of PandaHall. And there is bracelet free in limited time. The limited time is from 4.9 to 4.23. You can also download our app and get 5$ for free.




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