Beebeecraft Handmade Jewelry Ideas – Beaded Bracelets out of Heart Glass Beads

Summary: Free Beebeecraft handmade beaded jewelry idea with elaborate beading pattern. Once finished, the beaded bracelet will offer you a one of a kind eye-catching chic design.

Beaded bracelets are a fun, chic and a creative type of jewelry to make. Whip up your own handmade beaded jewelry idea that complements your wardrobe or give one as a personalized gift for friends.. In this project, with supplies such as seed beads and heart glass beads, you can get an entirely distinctive beaded bracelet.

Jewelry craft Supplies needed for the beaded bracelet:

6mm Heart Glass Bead

6mm Faceted-round Glass Bead

3mm Round Glass Bead

2mm Round Seed Beads


Box Clasp

Step 1: Bead the basic layer

1st, take a wire of 80cm long and fold in half. Add eight 2mm round seed beads per wire and then pass two ends through one 6mm faceted-round glass bead from different directions;

2nd, add one 6mm heart bead per wire, cross through one 2mm seed bead, slide another 6mm heart bead onto each wire and then cross through one 6mm faceted-round glass bead;

3rd, thread one 6mm faceted-round glass bead on each wire and then weave the two ends through the 6mm faceted-round glass beads to make the wires exit at the last piece;

4th, repeat the procedures 1-3 above for an ideal length. On the end, tie a knot and insert the wire ends through adjacent seed beads. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 2: Create the crisscross embellishment layer

1st, take another 30cm wire and start from the second seed bead loop;

2nd, add the 3mm glass bead and 2mm seed bead combination as the pattern shows and then weave the wire through the two patterns in step 1. Secure the endings as before.

By selecting your beads, string and clasp, you can be sure that the finished beaded bracelet is fit for your arm in a cozy fashion. Therefore, instead of buying a piece of jewelry in store, why not trying out this handmade beaded jewelry idea on your own? You won’t regret it!


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