Some Bracelets with Turquoise

New week again! How about your weekend time? I have gone home with my family and made a delicious lunch for my family. I really spent a happy time, though the journey to my home is a little far which cost me about 4.5 hours.

Okay, today i will share some bracelets with turquoise. Because of its scarcity, turquoise has been priced for over 5000 years. And the color of it decides its value. On the whole, blue colors with darker shades and less green tint has more value and people will appreciate this patterns much.

There are some pictures which shows the beauty of turquoise bracelets. You can have a look on them.


The first one is a braised bracelet with glass beads and small turquoise stones. The chain is very cheap. If you want to make your own bracelet, you can use fishing wire to make the cheap chain.


The second one is a cheap sliver chain with many round turquoise beads and transparent yellow beads. Those beads are threaded by ball pins. The color is blue and there are few green tints on them.


And the third turquoise is much simpler than the first two bracelets. The design is not too complicated but the details worth looking. It is made by different sizes of turquoise beads and flower bead caps. This bracelet is also a real gem bargain.

If you want to learn more turquoise jewelries, you can click here. Thank you!


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