Some Hot Jewelry Boxes at PandaHall

Summary: today i will share some hot sellers about jewelry boxes at PandaHall for you. These products are the top sellers in our website. And many customers have shown that these jewelry boxes are very economic and useful. There are also many customer-show you can see on our station.

The first one is cardboard jewelry set box. And the price is US $3.92 / 24 pcs. You can put rings or necklaces. They are rectangle and tan. The size is 8x5x3cm.


The second one is plastic beads storage container. The price is US $9.73 / 3 Sets and the size is 13.5cmx16cmx3.5cm, which of the bottle is 26x29mm, 30pcs/box.

You can put many seed beads here. And the bottles can help clarify the beads into different colors.


The third one is a rectangle jewelry box with 12 storage containers. There are jump rings in the jewelry box as the picture shows. You can also put some earring components in it. The containers are good for classification.


There are many tools and materials are hot according to our customer-shows. If you love jewelry making and often buy many jewelry beads or earring components, i think you will need these jewelry boxes, for that they can do help for convenience and save your time.


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