Beebeecraft Tips for how to make magnetic earrings look real

Summary: Wearing magnetic earrings you needn’t experience the pains from pierced ears. Our tutorial is to inform you practical tips about how to make magnetic earrings look real.

You want to pierce ears for jewelry wearing? Yes, most of you are eager to wear earrings to adorn yourself and show off the beauty, but the pain of piercing is a huge obstacle which gets you cringed! Maybe you are too young or too old to be allowed to get ears pierced. So magnetic earrings are a better choice, and this tutorial is to tell you how to make magnetic earrings look real ones.

Never touch or pull hard on them

Do not attach heavy and long dangles to your magnetic earrings, and stop others or yourself from touching or pulling them, otherwise they will move, cause pain feelings and even fall.

Fake the back of your magnetic ones

Magnetic earring settings studs have the plain flat round backs that are easily detected by some sharp eyes; so you’d better tear some backs from real earrings and snuggly glue them onto your magnetic ones, which can to a great extent deceive the public and no not need earring hooks.

Cover the magnetic backs and fix the “piercing” place

If your hair’s long enough, use it to naturally cover the magnetic backs, or wear a hood when wearing them; moreover you must fix the places where you wear them, or people will notice they are fake as every time your earrings are in different places.

Some certain cultures, religions or medical ailments, however, may prohibit an individual from piercing ears. Because of individuals, you will discover choices to pierced ears including clip-on earrings, ear cuffs and magnetic jewelry. After referring to Beebeecraft how to make magnetic earrings real tutorial, you will wear them in a very fine way.


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