Beebeecraft jewelry fascinating silver earrings

Summary: This time I practice a way about making silver earrings; accurately this Beebeecraft tutorial is about how to make silver wire earrings, including the commonly seen hoop silver earrings.

In accordance with previous experiences, wired silver earrings are relatively more feasible than welded ones; for the average-level homemade jewelry, welding-processed silver earrings are always requiring complicated equipment, which are more suitable for professionals; therefore, this tutorial is especially prepared for common jewelry makers, introducing easy way about making silver earrings.

When you are making silver earrings, you will need things as below shows:

18 gauged silver wires earring settings


Jewelry making tools Pliers

Wire cutter



Block bench

Charms and beads for option.

Now you are making silver earrings!

Step 1: shape the silver wire

Snip two pieces of silver wires, and their lengths are in line with your design about the hoop size; then loop them around mandrel respectively;

Step 2: make the ends of silver earrings
After looping, the ends of a silver earing must be overlapped; first, erect one end of the silver earring, making it a right angle against the hoop; second, loop the other end around the erect end, which act as a flexible closure;
Step 3: end the silver earrings
Leave about 1 cm for erect end and cut off the excess wires; and shape the hoop again on block bench, sand the cutting edge and finally soak the silver earrings in tumbler for shining again.
Here the tutorial about making silver earrings is done; look at your new creation, the beautiful silver hoop earrings; in addition, if you like any decoration, you can add, but you’d better pay attention to the color scheme, for silver earrings, similar colors are much fitting.

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