PandaHall Ideal on Making Blue Crackle Bracelets

This set of bracelets is eye-catching with their shinny appearance. It is made by crackle beads and shell pendants, star pendants and many other brass charms. I really love them. Let us learn how to make them!

To make this beautiful bracelet, you should prepare some crackle glass beads and bracelet pendants first. The jewelry making process is simple and it will cost you no more than one hour. Maybe it is time for you to spend an afternoon to do a jewelry making.


The materials needed in this jewelry making:

Round Transparent Crackle Glass Beads, 10mm

Dyed Faceted Glass Beads, Pale Turquoise, 6x4mm

Iron Round Spacer Beads, 5mm

Brass Rhinestone Spacer Beads, 7×3.3mm

Tibetan Silver Pendants, Shell, Golden, 11.8x14x2.8mm

Brass Charms, Flat Round with Starfish, 13.5x11x1mm

Brass Pendants, Dolphin, 11x6x2mm

Nylon Wire, Clear, 0.3mm

PandaHall Ideal on Making Blue Crackle Bracelets-1

The steps of making this attractive bracelets:

  1. Take out 20-25cm wire, 17 crackle blue glass beads, 2 brass rhinestone spacer beads. Thread them on the wire. Tie the wire and cut down the rest.
  2. Take out 2 brass pendants with starfish, 1 shell pendant. Add them on the bracelet symmetrically.
  3. Make another bracelet. Thread 6 dyed glass beads and 1 gold spacer bead. Then thread 7 dyed glass beads and 1 gold spacer bead. Repeat it for 3 times. And tie the wire tightly, cut down the rest wire if it is too long.
  4. The bracelet will have 5 gold spacer beads now. Add 1 brass pendant with dolphin in the center of the bracelet, where is between the 6 dyed glass beads.

PandaHall Ideal on Making Blue Crackle Bracelets-2

Here is the final look of the bracelets. Actually, you will get two bracelets. But the design is to put them on at one time. Of course, you can match them as you like.

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