Beebeecraft Bead and Chain Jewelry – How to DIY a I love MOM Necklace

Summary: Here you will learn how to make an original necklace to give away to your mother on a special occasion,on Mother’s Day. You might as well wear it yourself to prove what a proud daughter you are.

Bead and Chain Jewelry - How to DIY a I love MOM Necklace

This beautiful piece of jewelry shows the “I love MOM” message to express your love for her. I have made the necklace in the pic for my own mom. I am very satisfied with the result and hope she loves it as much as I do. Let’s see the step-by-step instructions to DIY this necklace.

Jewelry craft supplies needed for the “I love MOM” necklace:

2 Square Rings
1 Heart Shaped Natural Lava Beads
Tibetan Bead Frames
Black Faceted crystal Glass Beads
Red Copper jewelry making Chain
Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps
Electroplate Glass Seed Beads
0.4 mm Copper wire
Flat Plier
Cutting Plier

materials needed for the “I love MOM” necklace

Instructions on how to DIY a “I love MOM” Necklace

Step 1: Design the “M” letter inside the square rings

1st, lace the square ring in a way that the holes on the sides face up and down. Cut off about 12 cm of copper wire;
2nd, attach the wire to the left bottom part of the square ring;
3rd, then slide four glass beads onto the wire;
4the, pass the wire round the upper side of the ring and twist it in the bottom side.

lace the square

5th, slide three beads and make a “V” shape;
6th, pass the wire around the upper right side of the ring;

slide black beads

7th, slide four glass beads and attach the wire twist it in the inner bottom right side, repeat the same process for the second square ring.

shape the M

Step 2: Attach the two “M” square rings to the heart shape lava bead

1st, slide the eyepin through the square ring upper hole;
2nd, slide the beads onto the eyepin in the following order: two electroplate glass seed beads, the heart lava bead and another two electroplate glass seed bead;

shape the M

3rd, attach the eyepin to the bottom hole of the upper square ring, as shown in the picture.

attach the eyepin to the bottom hole of the upper square ring

Step 3: Add the chain to finish the mother’s day necklace

1st, cut two 20 cm of chain. Attach the chains to the eyepin loop;
2nd, attach lobster claw clasps to the end of both two chains.

attach the eyepin to the bottom hole of the upper square ring

TADA! Here is the finished mohter’s day gift:

I love mom necklace

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It is very easy to make it at home with very few items: if you do not have these particular items, you can use other beads.


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