Beebeecraft Christmas jewelry ideas-beaded Christmas hat

Summary: Christmas jewelry ideas-bead a delicate Christmas hat at home by some house-hold supplies. By using very fundamental skills, this decoration can be finished in ten minutes.

Instead of buying finished products from a department store, make handmade presents by using some house-hold supplies can be another great try by following the Christmas jewelry ideas, no matter simply some brief words explanation or concise beading diagram. Thus, in the following paragraphs, I will show you make a piece of loving beaded Christmas hat. Let’s start now.


Craft supplies for jewelry making Christmas hat:

4mm Glass Beads

Red Swarovski Crystal glass Beads (3mm & 4mm, 8mm)

12/0 Glass Seed Bead (green, red & golden)




Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Jewelry making tools Round Nose Plier


Step1: make out the skeleton of Christmas hat

According to the diagram, this portion can be divided into six layers. And in each layer, you should connect the starting and ending beads and reduce beads at same times for getting a cone hat shape (tips: in the diagram, the right side a bead is not really exist. It is just the same one on opposite left side).


Step2: decorate the semi-finished Christmas hat

Find out the central bead in layer2, and regard it as the beginning position of the decoration part. Then work with each end to bead like the number “8”; then pass then through its below Glass Beads respectively; finally, add on one Seed bead on each and cross both ends through one another seed bead.


Step3: complete the Christmas hat

Hold on a headpin and thread the branches in order of: 8mm round Swarovski Crystal Bead *1, semi-finished Christmas hat skeleton part and Glass Bead*1. Pull the 8mm bead in the Christmas hat and bent a loop with rest pin part.

Step4: design a pendant


You can freely hang on a clasp or other findings by using one Jumpring.

So far, your Christmas hat has done. Just wear yourself or give it to the beloved ones. Ultimately, if you need more sparkling Christmas jewelry ideas, welcome check out on our Beebeecraft.


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