Beebeecraft Christmas jewelry ideas- stocking pendant with beads

Summary: This article is about one of most impressive Christmas jewelry ideas-make Christmas stocking out of ordinary jewelry crystal glass beads. It can be really fun and challenging project when follow my instructions and diagram.

The art of making Christmas stocking pendant can be great joyful and entertaining for yourself and your family. Hanging some easy-to-carry festival pieces can enhance the Christmas atmosphere and increase the fun. Additionally, among lager amount Christmas jewelry ideas, the Christmas stocking can be just regard as the beginning of tradition Christmas Day.




Craft supplies for jewelry making Christmas stocking:

Swarovski Crystal glass Beads

Gemstone Beads

Nylon Wire

Side Cutting Plier


Step1: make the upper half portion of Christmas stocking

Make connected loops with four Swarovski Crystal Beads. Between each loop and layer, be careful of the shared beads. And what’s more, be careful of the beads’ color of each layer.

Step2: make the bottom half portions of Christmas stocking

In the step1, the below five beads are respectively marked: A, B, C, D and E. here, you can start with the bead A and then make connected beads with four Swarovski Crystal Beads according to G, H, I…N in the diagram. Finally connect the starting and ending to form loop F.

Step3: sew the loops in step2

For making Christmas stocking, you need to fold the side loops in groups of two, such as: H & F, I&N…

In the end, tie a knot firmly.

Step4: make the embellish front side of Christmas stocking

Take another strand of 20cm long wire, find the front side loops of your Christmas stocking; in center of Swarovski Crystal Bead loops, add on one white Gemstone stone by crossing wire through the beads.

Step5: design a hanger loop for your Christmas stocking pendant

Find the bead marked with alphabet “b” in step1, then connect the four Swarovski Crystal Beads with two ends and remember to fill one Seed Bead between each two Swarovski Crystal Beads. Finally, make a hanger loop with rest seed beads.

Step6: DIY your key chain.

Step7: ending work

Assemble the Christmas stocking pendant and finding chain, and you have done your Christmas stocking!

In the approaching Holiday season, for more Christmas jewelry ideas or other festival jewelry making guides, please just stay around and more fresh Christmas jewelry ideas may be launched soon.


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