Learn from Beebeecraft how to make lovely beaded Santa Claus

Summary: This is a crystal beaded Santa Claus, nice-looking, but not that complicated as you imagine; as per our neat diagram and detailed description, you can smoothly make out this lovely seed beads Santa Claus.

Winter comes and Christmas comes too; we all know in Christmas we are accustomed to using some lovely beaded Santa Claus charms to decorate our homes and trees. However, most of the charms are purchased from retail shops or online market; do you want to hand make some crystal beaded Santa Claus crafts to send out as unique gifts for friends and beloved ones; here we present you this chance!

Before formally start the project, you have to make the below things ready:

Seed beads( in red, blue, white, ivory and black colors)

Crystal glass beads

Nylon wire

Beading needle

Earring hooks


The instructions start here now!

Step 1: string Santa Claus hat brim

Snip a piece of Nylon wire long enough for this exquisite beading work, and add a anchor bead to secure one end of the string with 2 cm tail; slide 11 blue seed beads on string and back through each bead with ladder stitch (as pic 1 shows); after one row, use brick stitch to start second row, and that will be the basic beading technique for beaded Santa Claus. When hat is finished, string the end up to the anchor bead position, make a firm knot with the other end there and trim off the anchor bead end.

Step 2: string the Santa Claus face

Add beads to stitch the following every row, and the beads number of every row will increase or decrease as per the relative design of this Santa Claus craft.

Step 3: complete the beaded Santa Claus

When whole project is beaded up, cut off the excess string, and attach this lovely Santa Claus craft with prepared ear hooks.

So your beaded Santa Claus earrings are successfully done! The Santa Claus crafts have more patterns than your imagination; so next time, we will present you more Santa Claus crafts and Christmas beaded jewelry.


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