Top 3 String Jewelry Making Ideas

String materials are widely used in jewelry making. They can be used to make bracelet, necklace, earrings, rings and other craft works.

Do you have the experience that sometimes you want to do some craft works but have no idea what to do. Then you can get inspiration from other’s work. Today I will show you top 3 string jewelry making ideas from our craft makers.

Purple Color Thread Wrapped Earrings

Thread earrings are popular among young people. In this project, you’ll need two drop glass beads, purple Nylon string for jewelry making, tools and other jewellery making supplies online. The two drop beads add sparkle to the purple color earrings, but the thread is the main design element in the earrings.
This innovative yet elegant purple color earring is a good accessory and a fresh fashion statement. During the making process, you can also alter the earring designs with different colors of threads and different styles of beads. This simple pair of thread wrapped earrings is an appropriate project for all levels of earring enthusiasts.

Easy Tassel Chain Anklet with Colorful Beads

If you are beads anklet lover, then you will love this idea. First you will need silver cross chain, acrylic beads, tool, etc. to finish the anklet making. And you may be outstanding if you wear such a colorful anklet on beach.

Aluminum Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

Aluminum wire jewelry making is always rich in form and simple to do. If you want to learn some wire wrap techniques, maybe this silver aluminum wire wrapped pendant necklace with glass beads will be a good choice for you. The materials include aluminum wire, copper wire, glass beads and tools. Try to make one for yourself!

Do u love the 3 ideas of string for jewelry making? Maybe you can get inspiration from these ideas and create your own style jewelry.


Guide to How to Choose Jewelry Making String

Jewelry making often involves stringing beads and other items. There are many types of string materials for u to choose, such as necklace wire, cording, beading thread, aluminum wire, copper wire, chains and other stringing materials.

All these strings for jewelry making are in a wide range of colors, thickness and finishes, but which will work best for your bead stringing creations. That’s what we will explore today.

Wire always contain aluminum wire, copper wire, plastic & elastic wire, which are one of the easiest stringing materials to use. It doesn’t need a needle, and the ends are easy to finish with crimp beads.

Leather & Cotton Cord
The leather &cord are very easy to work with. Just string an interesting pendant with a few large-hole side beads, tie knots to hold the beads in place, and add a clasp. Or, make necklaces long enough to go over the head.
The cord for jewelry making are available in a variety of widths, lengths and colors. Black, dark brown and natural colors are the most popular.

The chains are available bulk by the spool, meter, and foot. They are also available as finished necklaces and bracelets with a clasp already attached! Use chain for everything from stringing heavy statement necklaces, to making free-form beaded chain necklaces, to linking delicate filigree findings and crystal beads.

Chokers & Pendant Cords
The chokers & pendant cords are nice looking but inexpensive options for displaying handmade pendants. They are convenient pre-made necklace forms. Some large-hole beads may be slipped over the ends. Pendants are generally attached with jump or split rings, or handmade wire-wrapped attachments.

Hope this is helpful for you, and you can find all the string materials from jewellery making supplies online shop.

DIY Vintage Pearl Chandelier Earrings

Hello, girls. Do you need a pair of cool vintage earrings? How do you think of this pair of pearl beads earrings? If you like them, you can follow me to see how to make a pair of simple yet cool asymmetric earrings. Trust me, they will surprise you.
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads689330
Materials and tools needed for vintage pearl earrings:
Rectangle Retro Style Chandelier Component Links
Antique Silver Rhombus Chandelier Component Links
Alloy Dangle Chandelier Component Links
Tibetan Style Flower Links
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
8mm Red Crackle Glass Beads
15x9mm White Drop Pearl Beads
10x6mm White Drop Pearl Beads
Antique Bronze Rhinestone Bead Spacers
Antique Bronze Flower Bead Caps
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Eyepins
Silver Headpins
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads6004001
Instruction on how to make vintage pearl chandelier earrings:
Step 1: make the basic part of the chandelier pearl earrings
Firstly, slide three 6mm pearl beads and three rhinestone spacer beads onto an eyepin, then slide an 8mm red glass bead, a drop pearl bead and a bead cap onto a headpin;
Secondly, connect the two dangles together;
Thirdly, attach a chandelier component onto the pearl dangle, then make two dangles with two pearl beads and beads caps and headpins, another two dangles with two 4mm pearl beads andeyepins, then connect them respectively;
Fourthly, hang the two dangles onto the chandelier link.
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads6004002
Step 2: finish one of the earring
Firstly, attach a rhombus chandelier component link onto the top;
Secondly, connect the earring hook with the link together to finish one earring.
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads6004003
Step 3: finish another earring
Firstly, connect a chandelier component link and flower link by a jump ring;
Secondly, make an 8mm red glass bead dangle and add the dangle onto the link, then attach the earring hook;
Thirdly, make three pearl beads and flower bead caps dangles with headpin, then attach the dangles onto the chandelier component.
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads6004004
Now, here is the final look of the cool vintage pearl earrings:
How to Make a Pair of Asymmetry Vintage Style Drop Earrings with White Pearl Drop Beads600400
So, are you interested in the chandelier pearl earrings design? It is not common to see such a pair of pretty asymmetric earrings, do you like them? Share me you thoughts about the earrings and have a nice try!

How to Make Glass and Jade Beads Earrings within Three Steps

Do you want to try a pair of unique beautiful earrings? How about the one-glass and jade beads earrings? This pair of earrings that I’m going to share you today can be one of your favorite  earrings.pandahall-earrings-project-how-to-make-glass-and-jade-beads-earrings4
Cannot wait to get started, right? First of all, you need to prepare the following materials:
6x4mm Dark Blue Electroplate Glass Beads
6mm Mixed Color Mashan Jade Beads
8x6mm Goldenrod Glass Beads
8x6mm CornflowerBlue Glass Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
Iron Cross Chains
Silver Eyepins
Silver Headpins
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Then you can follow these steps to make the glass and jade bead earrings:
Step 1: make glass and jade beads dangles
1st, make a 6x8mm cornflower blue glass bead dangle and make a simple loop at the end;
2nd, add a 6mm red jade bead and an 8x6mm goldenrod glass bead onto a headpin, then then make several wire circles and a loop at the end;
3rd, cut off a piece of cross chain and hang this two beads dangle onto this chain.
Step2: make the basic part of the earrings
1st, slide two 6x4mm dark blue glass beads and a cornflower blue glass bead onto the eyepin, and thread the eyepin through the chains, then make a loop;
2nd, make another two jade beads and two glass beads dangle with eyepin, then add it through the chain, like picture shows.
Step 3: finish the glass and jade beads earrings
1st, make two glass and jade beads dangles, then add them onto the chain;
2nd, slide a blue glass bead onto an eyepin to make a dangle and add it onto the above part;
3rd, add an earring hook onto the top, then make another same earring in the same steps.
And you can see the final look:
Different earrings are needed in different occasions, a pair of handmade unique glass beads earrings can always make you stand out, and you can try different colors of glass or jade beads, so why don’t you try now?

DIY Simple Gemstone Beaded Pendant Chain Necklace You Should Have a Try

Hi, girls. Are you looking for any simple beads chain necklace? If yes, you can check this Pandahall tutorial about how to make a simple beaded pendant chain necklace. Now, you can follow me to see the making details below and have a nice try!
Materials and tools needed for gemstone beads chain necklace:
Green Bullet Gemstone Beads
Mixed Color Gemstone Pendants
16x8mm Beige Glass Pearl Beads
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Mixed Shape Tibetan Style Toggle & Tbar
Iron Cross Chains
Silver Headpins
Silver Jump Rings
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make gemstone beads chain necklace:
Step 1: make the first part of the chain necklace
Firstly, make two 8mm pearl beads dangles and a round pearl and oval pearl dangle;
Secondly, take off the ring from the clasp, then attach a clasp and Tbar onto a piece of chain.
Step 2: make the second part of the chain necklace
Firstly, connect the pearl beads dangle with two clasp, then attach another piece of chain;
Secondly, add a clasp onto the chain and hang two gemstone pendants onto the clasp;
Thirdly, attach another 8mm pearl dangle onto the pendant clasp.
Step 3: finish the gemstone beads chain necklace
Firstly, attach a jump ring onto a gemstone pendant;
Secondly, hang the pendant onto the clasp to finish this gemstone beads necklace making.
Now, you can see the final look of the gemstone beads necklace:
See, a simple yet beautiful gemstone beads necklace has been finished within three steps. Do you like it? Now, you should make a schedule and start your own crafting road from this project. Please let me know if there is any question you meet during the process. See you!

DIY Wire Wrapped Earring and Ear Cuff with Red Glass Beads

Hi, girls. Do you want to try any cool jewelry? How do you think of wire wrapped earring and ear cuff? Then you can look at below picture and check if you like them. Follow me to see the making details and have a nice try!
Materials and tools needed for wire wrapped earring and ear cuff:
0.8mm Silver Copper Wire
6mm Red Bicone Glass Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make wire wrapped earring and ear cuff:
Step 1: finish the wire wrapped ear cuff making
1st, cut off a piece of 0.8mm copper jewelry wire, then fold it in half;
2nd, twist the wire like the below picture shows;
3rd, slide two 6mm red glass beads onto two wires, then twist two loops in the end.
Step 2: finish the wire dangle earring making
1st, slide a 6mm red glass bead onto a headpin, then twist the headpin for some loops;
2nd, attach an earring hook onto the dangle to finish the dangle earring making.
Now, you can see the final dangle earring and ear cuff:
You should feel free to tell your opinions about the earring and ear cuff. Simple to make, right? Now, hope you can have a nice try! See you then!

DIY Elegant Pearl Beads Necklace with Flower Cabochon

Hello, girls. Do you want an elegant necklace? How about pearl beaded necklace? If you are interested in the pearl necklace design, you should follow me to see this project about how to make elegant pearl beads necklace with flower cabochon.
Supplies needed for elegant pearl beads necklace making:
12mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
20x7mm Flat Round Cabochon Brooch Back
0.2mm White Fishing Wire
Rhinestone Flower Cabochon
White Felt
Glue Gun
Iron Scissor
Instruction on how to make elegant pearl beads necklace:
Step 1: Make the long pearl beads strand
Firstly, cut off a piece of fishing wire and slide a 4mm pearl bead onto the wire, then fold the wire and slide a 12mm pearl bead onto the wires;
Secondly, add five 6mm pearl beads onto the wires in order;
Thirdly, continue to slide more 6mm pearl beads onto the wires until you get desired length.
Step 2: Finish this elegant pearl necklace
Firstly, cut off a piece of circle white felt and thread the wires through the felt;
Secondly, glue a flower cabochon onto the back of the white felt and add the brooch cabochon.
Now, this elegant pearl beads necklace has been finished!
See another picture:
You can wear this necklace as the picture shows, and select a suitable flower cabochon you like. It is a great choice to wear it and attend any formal party, do you agree me? Beautiful dress is good to match with this necklace. Have a nice try!

DIY Tibetan Flower Dangle Earrings and Ring Set in a Simple Way

Hey, friends. Do you like flower jewelry? Then how do you think of the below earrings and ring? The Tibetan flower earrings and ring can be made in a simple way. You will know it is the truth after seeing the tutorial. Have a nice try!
Materials and tools are needed for the flower earrings and ring set:
Yellow Resin Rose Flower
Tibetan Style Flower Pendant Cabochons
Tibetan Style Flower
Adjustable Brass Ring Components
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
Antique Bronze Earring Hooks
Antique Bronze Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Glue Gun
Instruction on how to make Tibetan flower earrings and ring:
Firstly, glue a yellow flower resin onto the Tibetan flower cabochon;
Secondly, connect the Tibetan flower link with the cabochon by jump ring;
Thirdly, add earring hook onto the top of the link;
Fourthly, make another same earring in the same steps.
Fifthly, glue the flower and pearl beads onto the ring component to make the flower ring.
Now, you can see the final look of the Tibetan flower earrings and ring set:
Another picture to enjoy:
Now, do you believe that you can finish them in five minutes alone? So it is almost finished after you got all the supplies you need, then you can make your own one. See more original projects from if you are interested. See you next time!

How to Make Glass and Pearl Beads Cluster Necklace for Wedding

Hi, friends. Do you need any wedding jewelry? How about a bridal necklace? If yes, you should see her to check this tutorial on how to make glass and pearl beads cluster necklace for wedding. Try it then and you will love it.
Materials and tools needed for this beads cluster necklace:
10mm White Round Pearl Beads
10mm Rhinestone Ball Beads
8mm Pink Round Pearl Beads
10mm Faceted Rose Quartz Beads
8x6mm Suncatcher Glass Beads
2mm Clear Seed Beads
Platinum Cross Chains
Tibetan Style Toggle Clasps
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Headpins
0.2mm White Fishing Wire
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Instruction on how to make beads cluster necklace:
Step 1: make the first part of the cluster necklace
Firstly, make a dangle with 2mm clear seed bead, an 8mm pink pearl bead and headpin, then make a loop;
Secondly, make many same pink and clear beads dangles;
Thirdly, make many dangles with seed beads and 10mm rhinestone ball beads.
Step 2: make the second part of the beads cluster necklace
Firstly, make many dangles with clear seed beads and 10mm rose quartz beads;
Secondly, make many dangles with clear seed beads and 10mm white pearl beads, as this below picture shows.
Step 3: make the third part of the beads cluster necklace
Make many dangles with clear seed beads and clear glass beads.
Step 4: make the fourth part of the beads cluster necklace
Firstly, cut off two pieces of same length chains and add Tibetan toggle clasp and tbar onto the two ends;
Secondly, cut off a piece of fishing wire and tie it with the chain;
Thirdly, add many beads dangles onto the wire one by one.
Step 5: finish this beads cluster necklace
Firstly, continue to add all beads dangles onto the wire in order;
Secondly, add another chain onto the fishing wire to finish this cluster necklace making.
Now, you can see the final cluster necklace for wedding:
So are you interested in this cluster beading necklace? If yes, just make one for yourself or your friend. Have a nice try! See you next time!

DIY Simple Hematite Beads and Glass Beads Bracelet

Hey, friends. Do you want to make a bracelet for yourself? Then how do you think of this cool hematite beaded bracelet? This simple bracelet is a great choice for both boys and girls, so you can also make one for your boyfriend as Valentine’s gift. Now, follow me to check the tutorial below.
Supplies needed for this simple hematite and glass beads bracelet:
8mm Black Hematite Beads
6mm Black Hematite Beads
7x2mm Black Hematite Disc Beads
6mm Clear Glass Beads
Platinum Memory Wire
Silver Headpins
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make this simple beaded bracelet:
Step 1: Slide the hematite beads
Firstly, cut off a piece of memory wire and make a loop at one end, then slide many 6mm black hematite beads onto the wire;
Secondly, add enough beads like below picture shows.
Step 2: Add glass beads
Firstly, slide a clear glass bead, two disc hematite beads onto the wire, then continue to add the beads in order;
Secondly, stop adding beads until you get below pattern then make another loop at the end.
Step 3: Finish this hematite and glass beads bracelet
Firstly, make two dangles with hematite beads, glass beads and headpins;
Secondly, attach the dangles onto the two ends.
Then this cool beaded bracelet has been finished.
Now, how do you feel about this hematite and glass beads bracelet? If you also love it, you definitely should consider giving it a try and it will surprise you. Valentine’s Day is coming, you can make same two for you and your lover. See you next time!