Pretty DIY Necklace

Hello, friends. Today I am going to share some great DIY necklace ideas for you. I believe every girl is crazy about various necklaces then they can match them with their different style of clothes. Of course I also love them so I usually learn how to make different kinds of necklaces. Now I am so honored to share some pretty DIY necklace ideas with you guys. Hope you will like them!
Green Necklace
This green necklace must surprise most people. So gorgeous! We can see that it is mainly made by green faceted jade beads and brass chain yet simple to finish it. I plan to try it! Do you want to join me?
Safety Pin Necklace
Safety-Pin-Necklace (1)
I love this design! It is the first time that I saw this kind of necklace which is made by so many safety pins. It is special and ingenious, yes? Or you can have a try to add safety pins on other style necklace and it may be look more pretty.
I bet you will be much more confident to wear them when you attend some important occasions. If you are obsessed with DIY necklace, do not hesitate, just follow the two tutorials and the projects may give you more inspiration.
Source: 17 Useful and Pretty DIY Ideas for Necklace


Nice Ideas for Making Bracelet

Hello, guys. I am happy to tell you that there are beautiful accessories I’d like to share with you today. You can get supplies and make your own bracelet with following the pictures. Hope you will like them.
Rhinestone Beaded Bracelet
Rhinestone beaded bracelet
We can see that this bracelet is mainly made by rhinestone beads and brass chain. And you need jewelry wire to make two chains and rhinestone beads twisted together, just as picture shows. Then you can connect the two ends of chain with lobster claw clasp. Simple, yes?
Pearl Beaded Necklace
Pearl Beaded Bracelets
I believe everyone can finish it according to the steps of the picture. Slide the pearl beads onto the wire and thread ribbon then make a tie to connect the two ends of ribbon. It is available for beginners. Try it and start your first step of jewelry making.
So do you also finish your bracelet? I believe it must be beautiful. You can share your work with us and let us feel your joys. Ok, look forward to see you guys next time! Have a good day!
Tutorial source: 18 Ideas for DIY Fashion 

Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Summer is the season for getting together, especially for friends far apart. Then how to sparkle in the party is of top priority. Anyway, this personalized beaded cuff bracelet tutorial you can never miss. In fact, this beaded cuff bracelet is very cinch to make and the materials cost you almost nothing while the result will be gorgeous. Read on to get more information on how to make use of the useless jeans to make a wonderful cuff bracelet.
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet7Materials needed for making a chic jean beaded cuff bracelet
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
4mm Cyan Glass Pearl Beads
4mm Pink Glass Pearl Beads
3mm Honeydew Glass Seed Beads
2mm White Glass Seed Beads
3mm Green Glass Seed Beads
3mm Yellow Glass Seed Beads
3mm Black Leather Cord
Brass Linking Rings
0.3mm Golden Copper Wire
Hot Glue Gun
Round Nose Plier
Flat Nose Plier
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet8Instructions on how to make a beaded cuff bracelet
First, cut two pieces of aluminum wire and each about length of 42cm. Fold them in half.
Second, twist the wire to make a small circle. Cut a piece of cloth from your jeans and cover it onto the twisted wire with the glue.
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet Third, thread white seed beads on to the wire and glue it onto the both edges of the cuff.
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet1Fourth, cut a piece of copper wire and string 6 yellow glass seed beads on and fix the beads to the linking ring.
Fifth, roll the wire around the linking ring. String another 6 yellow glass seed beads to form the second row. Repeat to full the linking ring with other seed beads as what the picture shows.
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet3Sixth, glue the beaded linking rings to the cuff.
Bracelet Design-How to Make a Personalized Cuff Bracelet4Gorgeous!!! A chic and charming cuff bracelet is rapidly finished. Have you got inspired by this cuff bracelet and wanta share with your friends? You can make them in different colors and mix and match them as you please. Have a nice try.

Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet

Summer is a season for friends’ gathering. And when it comes to accessorizing for those causal activities, lace bracelet plays a significant role to level you up. Now read on to learn how to make a vintage beaded lace bracelet.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet34Materials needed to diy vintage beaded lace bracelet
Polymer Clay Beads, Flower
Acrylic Beads
Iron Twisted Chains
Brass Pendants
Iron Ribbon Ends
Brass Bead Caps, Mixed Shape
Nickel Free Iron Eyepins, Golded
Brass Lobster Claw Clasp, Silver
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier
DIY Lace BraceletInstruction on how to make lace bracelet
First, cut the copper wire to about the length of 13cm. String flower polymer bead, pearl beads and clay beads in the following order as what the picture shows
Second, pass one end of the wire through a hole of the brass cap bead and the other end of the wire the other cap end. Tighten the caps and the beads and trim off the extra wire.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace BraceletThird, cut a piece of lace ribbon and cloth the same size of your waist. Put the cloth underneath the lace ribbon. Sew the beads onto the lace ribbon with a needle.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet1Fourth, clench both ends of the lace ribbon with two ribbon ends. Add two iron twist chains to two holes of the brass bead cap.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet3Fifth, thread a transparent acrylic bead and a brass pendant onto the nickel free iron eye pin. Form a loop at the end of the pin with a plier. Attach the pendant to the waist chains. Repeat to make the other.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet5Sixth, thread a silver pendant butterfly and two rhinestones onto the nickel free iron eye pin and make a loop at the end of the pin with the plier. Cut a piece of the waist chain. Attach one part to the ribbon end and the other end the butterfly pendant. Attach the other end of the ribbon end a piece of waist chain and a brass lobster claw clasp.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet7 Gorgeous! Here is the final look of this vintage beaded lace bracelet.
Easy Craft-DIY Your Customized Vintage Beaded Lace Bracelet9So what do you think of this vintage lace bracelet? Do they look charming and graceful? Have you got the techniques of DIY such a beaded lace bracelet? Or you can create other unique designs and make your own personalized vintage lace bracelet.

DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are never out of the fashion just like the color white and black. They are active in the fashion world and favored by jewelry designers and young women. In today’s tutorial I will tell you how to DIY a pair of eye-catching chandelier earrings.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings65
Things needed
Golden aluminum wire
Golden copper wire
Golden eye pin
Colorful turquoise beads
Wire cutter
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings3
Instructions for Making Chandelier Earrings
First, twist a loop at the end of the eye pin with a plier, and then bend the pin to form a U-shape. Repeat to make another 8.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings4
Second, cut a piece of copper wire and thread it through a white turquoise bead. Wrap the wire under the loop of the pin. Repeat to make the other turquoise bead.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings5
Third, attach the U-shape eye pin together as what the following picture shows. Attach the dangle to the eye hook.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings6
Tada! A pair of unique and trendy chandelier is instantly completed. The bright color and the unique design together make these chandelier earrings a great feast to eye. To your great joy, this chandelier earrings tutorial is rather simple and the materials are easy to get. Even a green hand can do it at home not mention we crafts lovers. Just do it!

Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet

Layered bracelet, are just the bracelets with several strands of threads with beads or charms put together. They are beautiful bracelet designs due to the messy yet trendy look. The most difficult part of designing such an attractive layered bracelet is how to arrange the layers of the bracelets. It requires a lot of trials and errors before you get the perfect combination of colors, sizes and beads. Today, I will teach you how to make a multi layered bead bracelets.

Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet1
Things needed for making mutli layered bracelets
Star-shaped beads
Red bicone glass beads
Blue bicone glass beads
Clear glass beads
Eye clasp
Instructions on How to Make Layered Bead Bracelet
First, cut the linen to about 1 foot, and glue them onto the hook.
Second, thread the beads with red glass beads, blue glass beads and star-shaped beads one by one with about 5 to seven beads, or you can arrange them randomly.

Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet6 Third, push all the beads closer to the beginning part, and cut the end of the linen the same length with scissors until they fit your wrist.
Fourth, trim off the extra linen and glue on the eye clasp.
Well done!!! A multi layered bracelet is instantly finished. This kind of layered bracelet design is really hot and eye-catching and will definitely pop up your outfits. To make things enjoyable, this adorable layered bracelet is so simple and easy to make and don’t hesitate and do it right now for to your beloved ones.(tutorial source :crafts unleashed)

Pincushion from Recycled Jar!!!

Well, I just thought this is way tooooooo cute for any sewing lovers! Don’s you think so? Next time, do not throw away the empty jars and make use of it in a creative way like this. Sew the edge of stuffed fabric and glue the cushion on the jar cap; glue the hemp fabric around the cap and decorate it with white lace pieces, then finish by attach the flowers. Really adorable, right? Great way for putting any craft buttons or embellishing beads for DIY projects. I’m definitely gonna make it! 🙂

DIY Beaded Wind Charm for Home Decor

beaded wind chime

A really cheap way to make a great wind chime for your home! Try with below steps:
Gather your old useless keys, paint them into the antique bronze.
Wrap a round circle ring with wool or yarn;
Slide through glass beads, seed beads on wires and wrap it around the ring;
Make beaded ropes dangling with the antique bronzed keys, hang them on the rings;
Make the holder base with four equal parts and connect them strictly in the middle of the circle;
Perfectly done and time to hang it in your home!


12 Cute Mickey Mouse Jewelry Ideas

all mickey final

Hi guys, today I want to share with you some cute mickey mouse jewelry ideas and also hope to remind you of the old memories and happy times when you begged your dad and mom to take you to the Disney world. Some of these ideas are easy to be made by ourselves, while some require a little jewelry making skills, like the beaded mickey earrings with seed beads, and perler beads. However, you can just choose  the easy ones to give a shot. Take the first one for example, you’ll only need some hex nut to paint them in colors you love and glue them into “mickey” shape and thread through a thread! And the lovely mickey with buttons are simple to make as well: go through the big button’s 2 holes with jewelry wire and make the ring base and then glue the mickey ears with 2 smaller buttons… If you love these cute cute mickey jewelry ideas, go for the sources below and try to have your own ones! Happy making!

DIY Mickey Mouse washer necklaces

DIY Disney Minnie Mouse Ring

wire mickey mouse necklace

Vintage Mickey Mouse Ring

minnie mickey mouse pendant

Mickey ring

Wire Wrapped Disney Mickey Mouse Bangle

cute mickey mouse chunky necklace

mickey mouse earrings by perler beads

Mickey Ears Purse Bag Charm

Hand Beaded Mickey Mouse earrings



Stack ribbons and buttons for a boho bracelet!

Love the idea of sewing the cute buttons on ribbons! I’ll need some similar cheap buttons to try this too, I guess. Thanks, Lindsay! Have a great week!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Do you know you probably have jewelry supplies that you do not know about in your sewing stash? Ribbon, buttons, a needle and thread!


These days we use our craft supplies for jewelry making, scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor crafts and more.  Watch the video to see how I made the bracelet then you can apply the same techniques to make the necklace too.

You can use the stuff you have for this bracelet or use the supplies I used from PandaHall:


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