Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings – Fun to Try!!!

Most of us love Halloween not because it’s the great chance for us to dress up and become another totally different person, but we can DIY some really horrible, whimsical, funny, or epic homemade crafts to celebrate this holiday in our own way. Today, I’m not going to share those terrifying projects, instead, I’d love to tech you guys a pair of rather cute earrings made from skull beads. You can match them with your cool Halloween outfits or send to your best friends as gift.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 1

So many jewelry making supplies will needed~~ wow!
Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 5
8mm Red Frosted Acrylic Beads in color orange, blue, purple, light blue
Yellow Opaque Skull Beads
Black Wax Cord
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Jewelry Pliers

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 2
1, slide 1 skull acrylic beads onto the eyepin and start wrap the black wax cord around eyepin, as pictures shown.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 3
2, string through 1  light blue frosted beads on left side of the earring dangle and secure it and do the same with the other 4 beads.

Homemade Halloween Dangle Earrings - Fun to Try!!! 4
3, make a loop at the end of eyepin and add a jumpring for connecting with the silver earring hooks.
4, repeat to make the other earrings and you’ll have this lovely pair of Halloween earrings!

What a wonderful combination with black wax cord and skull Halloween beads! Super easy project to do for any new jewelry makers! Hope you’ll have fun in trying these earrings out! 🙂


Egg Ideas for Easter~

Easter is around the corner! Are you you preparing decorations for your home? I collected some interesting ideas for you from pinterest.com. They are all adorable egg ornaments and most of them are made with beads. The first beaded Easter hanging ornament is my favorite! Tell me which one attract you eyes? Did any of these inspire you? Hope you’ll have wonderful time with your kids!

Beaded Easter Ornament Easter Treasures Beaded Egg

beaded Easter egg

Kids of all ages can help create colorful Easter Button Eggs! Make great Egg Votive Holders


10 Amazing Ideas for V-day!

Valentine’s day is soon coming, I selected 10 amazing valentine craft projects for you! They’re so funny ans definitely worth a try! Hope you will enjoy the crafting time!

v-day crafts

Paper heart garland
Heart honeycomb
Heart-embellished pillow
Love bracelet
V-day bears

v-day craft

V-day sofites
Beaded Heart
Wrap Idea- stitched heart
Mason jar heart mug
Heart know pillow

Valentine Idea: Beaded Candle Holders~

Already done in picking Valentine’s gift for your soul mate? Or everything is done yet? No, there’s still some small details can be easily forgotten. For example,  the centerpiece at table, if you plan to have a wonderful dinner with him in such a special day? Some beaded candle holders will surely add the atmosphere more romantic and sexy, like the below ones! They are all super easy to do with no any special skills required. Just get some beads for jewelry making, like imitation pearl beads, transparent glass beads etc, glue them on the jar surface or just fill them into the jar, you can proudly display it on the table for this Valentine! Enjoy the holiday!









WOW~ the last one is really cool, huh?


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5 Ideas Of DIY Snowflake Earrings For Christmas

It was only a month until this Christmas. How fast this year has flown! You’ve must been busy with the Christmas planning list. Have your got any jewelry gifts prepared? jewelry, like little earrings, cute bracelet,etc. are wonderful gifts to be given to your friends and family. Check the below 5 types of snowflake earrings and try the one your favorite one! Some of them may a little difficult, some may quite easy.

snowflake earrings1

Wire Snowflake Earrings: If you are good at wire wrapping, this snowflake earrings can be finished without efforts. Use pliers to wrap the 2 wire frames and connect them together to form snowflake frame and wrap Tibetan beads and green glass beads on with thin wires. Attach the earring hook to finish.

snowflake earrings3

Beaded Snowflake Earrings: Wrap brass silver wires on beaded hoop earrings, and attach the earring hooks.  Easy!

snowflake earrings4

Easy Beaded Snowflake Earrings: Fasten 3 straight wires to form 6 branches, add beads on. But you will need to thread each of the branch separately, alternating color, size, and shape.


Snowflake Charm Earrings: If you think the above designs are a little too complicated, try buy snowflake charms&pendants. Connect snowflake charms, beads, bead spacers and earring hooks with jump rings and eye pins. This one is the easiest one that beginners can surely give it a go!

snowflake earrings6

Paper Quilled Snowflake Earrings: Special earrings used with papers. Fold the papers and glue them to form snowflake shape. No complicated skills involved.

Which of the above snowflake earrings is your favorite then?